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Trackmania² Lagoon

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Trackmania² Lagoon has players racing on raised tracks above a tropical island filled with insane activities.

It comes with a FREE Trackmania multiplayer channel, an exclusive solo campaign, a new game mode and a world of possibilities with user-generated content thanks to an upgraded Maniaplanet system increasing the creative power of players.

Like other TrackMania² games, TrackMania2 Lagoon is pure fun and simple, offering thrilling graphics and instant gameplay.

Key Features

• A paradise tropical island
Race in a stunning tropical environment optimized to run on most PC’s

• Crazy tracks design for extreme racing
Experience intense speed, sky-high roller coaster, slippery handling on wood, off-road and beach driving, absurd jumps, bouncing water, and more.

• 6 game modes
Time Attack, Round, Team, Cup, Laps, and a new official team game mode, Chase, tasking players to synchronize.

• Worlwide connected solo campaign
Enjoy the exclusive 65 tracks solo campaign. win medals and progress in official worldwide and regional ranking.

• Innovative & free online multiplayer channel
Play with your friends and the community on the game's dedicated channel, a free and easy-to-access online gaming system with matchmaking and worldwide ranking.

• A very active community
Discover content and activities created by fellow players

• Local play
Challenge your friends with the hotseat and local network modes.

• Enhanced creative freedom
Use new powerful ingame instruments and share content using the new Mesh Modeler, Libraries, Title editors, the classic tracks editor, car painting tool and upgraded programing tools.

• In-game video studio
Edit TV-quality highlights of races and upload directly to youtube.

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  • Processor: Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2 GHz or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Video card must be 512 MB or more and should be a DirectX 10 - compatible or DirectX 11 – compatible
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card with latest drivers
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Trackmania² Lagoon reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Note: I was Part of the closed Beta Of TrackMania ² Lagoon, so my real Game time is just under 15 Hours more than noted on Steam. TrackMania ² Lagoon represents the fourth Area for TrackMania ² and ManiaPlanet (next to Canyon, Valley and Stadium) and has the Player chasing for ever better Bests on twisted courses against the backdrop of a tropical Island paradise. In a Single-player campaign, you can compete with the best Players in the Community on 65 new Tracks; Since ManiaPlanet'S last update, even every Trip has been counted as official Time and sent to the Server. Lagoon is, in my View, the most twisted Environment in TrackMania ² and is almost a Tribute to some of the older Environments from United in this Regard. Along With this, it should also be definitively mentioned that the Control with the Keyboard is more difficult than in the other TrackMania ² Environments. A Racing Car in Lagoon serves as an Off-road vehicle (very similar to Bay), which can of course also be replaced at any time with a 3D model of your Choice from the Internet. The Driving Behaviour is also strongly reminiscent of Bay From TrackMania United Forever and allows absurdly tight turns at extreme Speeds. However, this only applies to paved Surfaces. In Contrast are the Off-road passages, where the Car has far less Control and wants to be learned to drift. That ranges from slippery Sandy Beaches under Palm Trees to giant wooden arena blocks. Furthermore, there are new Rollercoaster blocks that magnetically hold the Car And as a result, completely absurd Racetracks can be realized with wild Loopings, Wallrides, Jumps and dizzying Head-drives. Graphically, Lagoon looks fantastic. Whether you're drifting over a Sandy Beach at 300 km/h or speeding between Skyscrapers across an urban Promenade, the Environments always offer plenty to see and provide the Player with a large Number of different blocks to Decorate their own Route Disposal. Completely new in ManiaPlanet 4 (that is, in all 4 environments) is a play-integrated editor to Create its own 3D blocks, which will be enriched by many more Functions in the Future and opens up a whole New World of new possibilities. At this Point, it should also be explicitly stated that ManiaPlanet 4 is currently in beta status and some Bugs still need to be fixed. However, this has no Bearing on the Functionality of Lagoon. Demo Since there is a lot of Confusion regarding the demo version, a few more Words. The Principle of the Demo is based on allowing Players to try out the Game on certain Servers, so-called "Channels," which can be reached in the Main Menu and which can be accessed throughout the day. Depending on the Time of day, there is a different Channel with one of the four racing environments. The Game Modes and Cards vary and the Channels themselves should be updated and changed weekly in order to present as varied a package as possible. It's probably best to think of the whole thing as a Television Program to play in. The Same goes for ShootMania, by The way, but the two are clearly separated from each other. Verdict TrackMania Lagoon has unfortunately appeared without many Players having noticed it and that's a shame in my Eyes, because Lagoon is a furious, fantastic looking and extremely fun Extension to TrackMania ². Compared to the Version from TrackMania Turbo, Lagoon is a much larger Package, with No limitations of track editor and refreshed with new Blocks. Additionally, the Handling of the Cars was worked on Sand and Wooden Surfaces and is no longer so unpredictable and frustrating, but still very challenging (which in my Eyes is not a bad one). From my Side, a Recommendation for probably the most twisted Environment for TrackMania ²!
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