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Crashday Redline Edition

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DESCRIPTION CRASHDAY: REDLINE EDITION More speed. More destruction. More fun than ever before! The most action-loaded arcade racer is back on Steam in a fully overhauled edition! Created by the original developers of the 2006 PC racing game Crashday, we proudly present the game's official re-release version: Crashday: Redline Edition! Crashday: Redline Edition is the multiplayer arcade racer with near limitless possibilities! Race. Wreck. Shoot. Smash. Seven game modes. Battle online and offline. On roads and in arenas. Design and share your own tracks. Enjoy user-made mods, circuits and cars from Steam Workshop. Play the game the way you like. Today there are no rules. MAIN FEATURES Crashday: Redline Edition brings you everything that you love about Crashday, carefully enhanced in various meaningful ways: Multiplayer BattlesPlay in online multiplayer, single events or in the career game. Now including full Steam integration, with Steam-based lobbies, avatar images, voice chat and more. Seven Game ModesEnjoy a variety of play styles such as Wrecking Match, Stunt Show or Race, as well as unique Crashday classics like Hold The Flag, Pass The Bomb or Bomb Run. Compete solo or in teams. Track EditorBuild and share your own crazy circuits using the integrated track editor. Choose from over 150 building blocks, including insane ramps, wicked corkscrews, off-road terrains and a lot more. ModdingCustomize the hell out of the game! Download and play mods, cars, tracks and more from the newly integrated Steam Workshop, or create your own using the Crashday SDK. New: modded gameplay is now fully online-play compatible! SECONDARY FEATURES But there's more. Here's what else you get with Crashday: Redline Edition! Refreshed graphicsNew lighting, reworked textures and a brushed-up HUD & UI. Gameplay tweaksEnhanced controls, improved gamepad support and fine-tuned balancing in multiple areas of the game. 36 tracksIncluding 10 new tracks specifically added for Redline Edition. 12 vehiclesGet behind the wheel of urban street rides, heavy off-roaders and high-speed sports cars. Vrooom! WeaponsBlast your enemies into pieces with missiles and mini-gun firepower. Damage modelReal-time deformation. Just because it's so much fun to destroy things! :) Pick-upsAll-new in Redline Edition! Grab ammo refill, instant-repair and more right from the tracks. The perfect enhancement for online battles. TuningUpgrade your rides with various tuning kits and parts. Now including full customization for multiplayer car setups. Action replaysView the most spectacular scenes over and over. Online playRace against up to 8 friends in online matches, both VS-style or in teams. Single eventSet up matches just the way you want and race against AI. Career gameRise to fame as a driver in the Crashday underground league and unlock cars and tuning parts as you progress. Mini gamesStill not enough? Accept these six highscore challenges. Bugfixes en masseWe have crushed more than 100 bugs (oops!) from the original game. Original soundtrackLast but not least: all of the classic music tracks from Crashday, including the unforgettable Pencilcase, Lowbuz, Peter Struck and more! GAME MODES Wrecking MatchThe classic arena deathmatch: destroy or be destroyed! Any more questions? Stunt ModeAmaze the audience by performing stunts, jumps and roll-over with your car. The freakier your show, the more points you get. RaceBe the first to cross the finish line. With or without weaponry distraction. Hold The FlagGrab an awkwardly large smiley (why not a flag?) from your enemies and take it through the checkpoints to score and win. Pass The BombA bomb on your car is armed, and the timer is running. Now quick! Pass on the bomb to your “friends” before it blows up. Bomb RunNever drive slower than a certain speed, or a bomb in your car blows up! The evil deal: every time you pass a checkpoint, the minimum speed increases! Test DriveRoam freely around your tracks without any limitations. THE STORY OF CRASHDAY Starting as a hobby project of two 14-year-olds in 1998, Robert Clemens and Jan Bodenstein developed a vision for their game of dreams: Crashday – a game that would combine elements of their back-then favourites Carmageddon (1996) and Stunts (1990). In a time long before indie games became a normal thing, the duo taught themselves about programming and creating game art to make their vision come true. Developer Moonbyte Studios was born. Fast-forward eight years, the PC racing game actually hit the shelves in early 2006 – completed with the help of development partner Replay Studios, and distributed by then-publisher Atari. Long overdue and far more complex than in the developers' wildest dreams, the game saw a positive reception amongst players worldwide. Crashday quickly built up a community of passionate online players, track builders, and enthusiastic modders. Last but not least due to extensive modding capabilities, the game had eventually survived far longer than anyone had expected. 2017. Already past its tenth anniversary and driven by tremendous support from a few still-active Crashday players and fans, Moonbyte decided to bring their “baby” back to Steam. Nowadays, in a fully digital landscape, the way community-driven online games are played and shared has changed – perfect conditions for a game like Crashday, and surely the ideal opportunity to pay tribute to the fans by making use of new technology and distribution channels while staying true to its roots. This is Crashday: Redline Edition.
Metacritic rating
Release date
Aug 10, 2017
2tainment GmbH
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 32bit or later
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 600 MB available space
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Crashday Redline Edition reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Another place, another time, another Crash day!!! One of my absolute Favorite Games of my childhood in 2006 and already with the Title Screen you get Goosebumps and directs Bock To the Game at the music. The Controls and Gameplay are quickly explained. I clearly recommend a Controller here!! In the first Tutorial Races, the different racing modes are shown and also the car shop proves to be very simple and easy to understand. From Sprint, circuit, Stunt, wrecking (dissecting other Vehicles with Rocket Launchers and Minigun), Time Races and Capture Flag, everything is here. With every Race you earn money and Respect. Money can be used for car Tuning or Upgrading, but Respect is needed in order to be able to buy better Vehicles that are unlocked in the Course of the Career mode. A proper Story doesn't really exist here, rather such a kind of Introduction to the crash scene, but that doesn't do the Game a Slump at all. The Soundtrack is simply designed to match the Game and rather Direction "Rock" and "Electro." You definitely get the Desire for more here!! By the way, an online multiplayer and certain Mini-games (Car bomb, long Jump, Checkpoint hunting) as well as a Track Editor are also included here. So if you want to create your own stunt tracks and wrecking tracks and present them on the Net, you have a free Hand here. Mods can Also be integrated into the Game. You also have the Opportunity to record your Races and watch them again in The Replay later!! So whoever stands on Cars, explosions, Soundtrack, Smileys, Races and even more explosions or simply Times Bock has to chase other opponents one with a rocket in the Butt, that's just right here at Crashday!! Together with Friends it is again twice as much Fun!! Long Speech, short Sense .. LETS CRASH!!!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
What did I have mixtures of childhood Memories (rather so Adolescence but EGAL) with the Game and yet I longed for a digital Release from this Game. Just to be able to play it again. There was the News that the Game is to appear in a slightly revised (but not remastered) version, with even working Multiplayer, really pleasing. The Waiting Time itself, on the other hand, was a bit very long. Was it worth it in the End, though? And is it worth his Money? Retrospective: Nö. For the first time I see how little racing Game even the Game really is. Feels 3 proper Racetracks there in Career mode. The Rest of the 26 Events are other Game Modes such as Stunt, Derby (where you have Weapons) and other Krams. You can get through in less than 2 Hours of pure Play time. BUT Somehow it is worth it for those who know it from that time easy. In More detail, the Story prepares you for the Multiplayer and its different Game Modes, all of which are still somewhat modifiable, which makes the Long-playing Fun really long at least there! For this purpose, seeeeeeehr many Bugs were wiped out. The Game doesn't crash every 20 Minutes-even I only had one ' error message ' In 4 Hours of play-which I didn't even get To See but still had to press Enter. Ok. Smaller Bugs such as clipping shadows of vehicles through higher Levels are still present. And the Level of Detail is also more eh on the Distance. But hey, the Game was released in 2006 and only the Most important thing was spruced up here. And I think that's exactly what's very important. You just left the Core of the Game without thinking "Ey, but I don't know that from before. That got a lot worse now. ' Oh Yes and for Friends of Map Editors, the one here is quite easy to use. You certainly have to do it well again if it still goes well with the Creativity. The Developers have delivered a solid Job and earned a Kiss on the Forehead.
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