TransOcean: The Shipping Company reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Ports of Call 2014, I don't think You have to say more about that. Absolutely recommended, I have just reached the whole Day on the Release day, 16 Hours, and I am just as enthusiastic the Day after and will continue to do right away. Anyone who has always hoped for a Ports of Call with contemporary Graphics will find just that in this Game, and that is actually the only event. Compared To Ports of Call there are only minimal Changes in TanzOcean, you can upgrade Ships, or even have to do so in order to be able to transport certain Goods "legally," which basically makes no Sense. I can carry out Refrigerated transports with an uncooled ship, or transport of fragile Goods with a Ship that has no Damping or Protection, customs must not catch me because the Game considers it "illegal." In Reality, it would probably be more the Customer who breaks my Head off when he receives spoiled or broken Goods, Customs would not care. Also a Point that has already bothered me enormously in PoC was taken over to TransOcean for whatever Reason. It happens again and again that Rides are interrupted by the Message "We hit a Reef." Now you can choose, bypass, take Time and therefore Money, or drive through, that can cause Damage and usually does. Unlike PoC, however, in TransOcean I cannot steer my Ship through the Reef myself, but have to live with a randomly generated Damage, most recently almost 30%. Not that I have Trouble seeing Rides interrupted by Special Events, that peps up the Game, but suddenly appearing Reefs? In the Middle of a Shipping Route that is accurately mapped to the Centimeter? You could have come up with something new that Is not so incredibly unrealistic. Most Of the time in this Game, however, is spent investing and Dropping. Initially with Feeders, this is a Horror, these Ships steer like whales on Land, but at the latest from the Time you can afford Panamax-class ships, it's really Fun. The only Bug I have come across so far is that I could only name the first Ship myself, with all Ships thereafter keyboard input resulted in no Result whatsoever, and I had to name the Ships by the name generator, pity but spiceless. Another drop of wormwood is the rather low Choice of goods, it can happen that in a Port you can find only two or three possible freight, which even more hardly cover the Costs of transporting them. In Ports with large Product Supply, on the other hand, it is difficult to keep track, since the Interface here seems to be optimized for Tablets, not for the PC. All in All, however, a very successful Ports of Call Reinterpretation with a few new Features and great Graphics.