Träumerei Chapter 4

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Despite how you may feel, your life is not your own. It is an amalgamation of every experience you’ve had; every person you have ever met or will meet— time will not stop for anyone, not even a reclusive vampire who has all but cut himself away from the world and everyone he has ever known. After meeting an eerily familiar reaper, Noël finds himself at a crossroad. Should he continue down the path he had set forth on, or will he carve out a new ending for himself? 

 Perhaps the vampire has been even more lost than he realized. He may have forgotten those he had loved and the land that he came from, but it does not matter. Memories are of no use to him. 

 "If you could forsake all that you have ever known for a brighter future, would you?"

This game requires you to install the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to play! It is also not necessary to have played Chapter 0 before this as the demo is non-canon. However, I do recommend playing Chapter 1 first.

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Last Modified: Jul 6, 2020

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