Tropix 2! Quest for the Golden Banana

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Tropix 2! Quest for the Golden Banana, like its predecessor, is essentially a collection of mini-games, most of them implementations of well-known casual genre titles. The game is divided in islands, where the main monkey character and his animal friends live. Each island acts as a hub for three mini-games. On the main screen, the player has to buy plants, furniture, toys and other things to decorate the scenery and unlock a series of key items to move to the next island. These decorations are bought with gold coins, acquired after playing one of the mini-games:

Cascade is a tile matching game, where the objective is to make matches of three or more of the same type by switching adjacent tiles in a grid filled with food. The food keeps falling after successful matches, to be promptly eaten at the bottom by some animal that acts as a level progress meter, crossing the screen towards a small flag. In the boss battles, the goal is to make matches as fast as possible, to throw food at the enemy before they clog all the cells in the grid;

Coco Bowl is a bowling game with coconuts as the ball. The coco can be guided with the mouse while it is going through the lane. Some levels have special features, like ramps and other obstacles;

Stone Stacker is a simple puzzle game, where the player must stack slabs on top of each other by matching their indentations at the top and bottom, creating a tall pillar at the left side of the screen. Special items, like a hammer and a wildcard stone, help to eliminate useless slabs and make matching easier;

Ice Cream Parlour is a time management game, where a penguin must serve ice cream to a series of fellow penguin customers. Thought bubbles over the customers heads show pictures of the recipients and ingredients of their order, while stars below them show their satisfaction level. The player must click on several hotspots on the screen, guiding the penguin to pick up the correct recipient, give it to one of the lemur assistants ready to scoop or place one of the ingredients, and finally bring it back to the client before the patience meter runs out. An iguana acts as the trash can, swallowing badly served orders. The goal of each level is to profit a set amount of money within a time limit. A bonus game appears sometimes, where the player must move an ice cream cone at the bottom of the screen and pile up on it several balls scooped and thrown upwards by one of the lemurs;

Pirates! is a shooting game. The player controls a cannon placed over a precarious raft in the middle of the sea, and the objective is to shoot any enemy on the screen before it reaches and destroys the raft. The raft can be repaired between levels on a separate underwater screen, where tetrominoes wood pieces have to be placed logically on its frame. Barrels carry new ammunition types, changing the power and range of the shots. A bonus game appears occasionally, where the cannon is used to feed dolphins;

Fish Swap is a matching game, where the player has to swap fishes on a grid, creating large schools that escape the screen. A blowfish appears randomly on the grid, and acts as a power-up liberating several fishes at the same time;

Water Words is a word creation game, similar to Bookworm and other titles. The objective is to make words by connecting adjacent letter tiles in a grid. Acceptable words have their score displayed over the submit button. A number of words are required to finish each level, displayed in a list at the right side of the screen;

Puffer Popper is a marble popper game, where the player controls a crab moving sideways at the bottom of the screen, shooting bubbles at multicolored bubble strings trying to make matches of three or more of the same color to pop them. The lines twist around the screen, being pushed towards a sand castle by a blowfish. If several bubbles get inside the castle, the game is over.

Release date
Robot Super Brain
Reflexive Entertainment
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Aug 1, 2023

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