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Twilight Town

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Are you brave enough to uncover the dark secret of Twilight Town and stop the villains before it's too late? Get ready to discover the truth in this stunning mix of hidden objects and city building games full of twists and turns! Along the way of your own detective investigation you'll be solving tons of clever puzzles and special mini-games. The last in your line, you have been summoned to Twilight Town to become the Judge of the Others. It’s up to you to investigate the mysterious death or your predecessor. Constantine was down on something, but was removed from the board before exposing the culprit. As you look into the entanglement of clues, you soon learn there’s more to this town than meets the eye. Everyone seems to have double life, and you’d better trust no one playing Hidden Objects: Twilight Town, a mystery adventure quest. The time has come to unravel the web of intrigues, choose your side in the eternal war between vampires and werewolves and protect people from the evil. The Others need their Judge! ❤ Display your city building strategy skills ❤ Delve up the mystery adventure quest ❤ Explore richly detailed hidden object scenes ❤ Complete 100 magic collections ❤ Fight the evil with might and magic ❤ Run your own detective investigation to track down the villain ❤ Manage goods supply, care about the citizens and improve your reputation ❤ Meet a colorful cast of characters, each in two guises ❤ Solve clever word puzzles ❤ Earn coins in Match 3 mini-game ❤ Win artifacts and cash in a spooky casino The fate of the Twilight Town uncertain until you stop the villains before they unleash powerful forces that will destroy the mystical city. This unique detective quest combines the features of a city builder and finding games. That implies solving ordinary time management problems: taking care of cargoes, shipping and production in the town, keeping the citizens entertained and happy with their scale of living… and protect them from wicked sorcerers, bloodthirsty vampires and vicious werewolves. However, you won’t be able to display your strategy talents and build up your town unless you make a fortune. Explore beautifully drawn and richly colored hidden object scenes and display your Match 3 skills to earn some cash. Like gambling? Try your luck at the roulette table and Wheel of Fortune, or just play slots. Solve word puzzles to learn the history of Twilight Town, find enchanted collectibles, and proceed through mystery adventure quest! Don’t forget that Twilight Town is the cradle of the powerful creatures, so be ready for constant scheming, natural disasters and secret affairs. A handsome guy from the pub over the corner could very well be a werewolf, an emotional actress threatens to get the world frozen because of a broken heart, and dark rumours about ancient ruins and a misty mountain in the uptown spread along. So, watch you back, and search for the clues in 19 seek-and-find locations. Run your own crime investigations and restore law and order in your new estate. This adventure will turn your world upside down. Delve up the darkest secrets of the mystical city and discover a stunning mix of hidden objects and city building games. Hidden Objects: Twilight Town is a rare find for all mystery games fans as it puts a hidden object adventure in the eerie setting, featuring outwardly creatures and ancient mysteries. Enjoying Hidden Objects: Twilight Town? Learn more about the game!
Absolutist Ltd
Absolutist Ltd
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 2.9 Ghz or analog
  • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 150 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Twilight Town reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
A long time ago I played in Lost Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure. She was nothing but very quickly started asking for a lot of money. "To go through the next quest, find at the stage of suspension. To Open this stage, pay a lot of game money, and to _play _ on it-find 10 copies. To get spears-pass 10 + times the stage easier or pay. What, did the energy end? Well, pay it already! "Awful. Later Absolutyst rolled out her spiritual relative, but with much more moderate appetites-Twisted Worlds. It was not bad, though not without disadvantages-on part of the stages had to find not what they ask (the designation of the subject and the subject itself mixed with the other), and the stages were not so much, and the tasks pretty soon began to repeat. And now Absolutist Ltd. Rolled out a hybrid of the two above. Yes, it's Twilight Town. On the one hand, the approach to quests from the Absolutista, that is not very greedy, and on the other-a variety as in Lost Lands, and not alone only Hidden Objects. Must be fun, right? It Didn't. On the one hand, there remained the old problems of the "tractive" approach of the Absolutista. For a week of relaxed play 15 minutes at a time I have already stepped on the old rake "shown one, and look for another." Once the game required me to look for a nonexistent item (the list of items was empty. It's empty. The Hints didn't find anything. But The game wanted me to find another one!). Well, the rules of the "Fight Club", to put it mildly, are not obvious-a part of the fighters clearly beats at all, as it is written in their parameters. On the other hand, the problems of Lost Lands were added to them. The Game Wants Money. A lot of money. Well Here is a brief what came to mind:-Very quickly quests go to the "closed" zone. You want to open it? Pay The game currency... Well, or real. -The Energy ends very quickly. And If you are looking for a good-level of locations rises, and they want _es_ more energy. Lack? Wait... or pay. -And very soon the old familiar anomalies appear on the locations-fog, darkness and so on. Yes, every anomaly _es_ increases the price of energy. Don't like anomalies? Pay for their cleaning! -But There is a side activity. You can unload goods at the airport, car and railway station. Too long? Pay for the acceleration! What, three points and one truck? Pay and buy another truck! Did not manage to unload-lost reputation. -And also in the city roam random monsters and eat the townspeople. You Want to kill them? Well, pay for the weapons already! -And there is a casino. And Pay game money. What, there's not enough money?.. -And Exchange. And there's stocks. -And "Fight Club" (yes, yes, the same BK, only now offline). Everyone's hitting you? No problem, you can buy the same amplifiers! -And collections that can be exchanged for something cooler. Do not get the desired item? Buy! In General, as a collection of casual puzzles-quite imagine. But, man, this constant begging is already starting to work on the nerves. I'll give her a chance, say, for the rest of the week. But to anyone, except those who are ready to play 15 minutes a day and no more, I do not recommend it. I Will not say "worse than Lost Lands" (still not so bad), but close, close...
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