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Twisted Worlds

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Travel back in time and reconstruct the world chronology in Twisted Worlds. Explore whimsical hidden object locations in two dimensions and save the day!

  • The most extraordinary hidden object casual game!
  • Unparalleled time travel to save the world
  • Breathtaking cutscenes, animations and HOS visuals
  • Real and magic worlds to explore
  • A must for sci-fi geeks, history buffs and hidden object games fans!
  • A cast of mysterious creatures to guide you
  • Over 20 changing locations to explore in two worlds
  • Over 10 Hidden Object modes for devoted finding games fans
  • Over 2000 tasks which disclose true historical events and forecasts for the future
  • Unique mechanics of crafting boosters from the found ingredients
  • Over 1100 days of gameplay for mystery games geeks

    An unknown event dated back at the turn of the common era affected the timeline and caused the two worlds collide. Now you must start the time machine and find hidden objects associated with the core events of the passed years to reconstruct the world chronology. Beware! The brink between the two worlds has become too vague, so, no one could predict what reality you end up at your next time leap. Any seek-and-find location may appear in its true or mystic perspective, while the item list is presented as either letters, numbers or symbols. Cleverly hidden on the scene, they are scattered randomly each time you enter the location, providing limitless i-spy experience.

    As you journey to the past, you will collect souvenirs from each year you come to be in order to complete different tasks and earn experience points. As you progress through the storyline, you will witness the development of the modern civilization in its various aspects – science, technology, philosophy, politics, art and more. Each collection you complete displays the evolution of a particular instrument of human culture and make an assumption of its further advance.

    It’s time for the quest of your life! Find yourself in a twisted reality, search for hidden symbols, decipher the meaning of the secret numbers and open the gate to the future in this breathtaking sci-fi adventure game!
Release date
Absolutist Ltd.
Absolutist Ltd.
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 98, XP, Vista, 7
  • Processor: 800 Mhz
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 7.0
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Twisted Worlds reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Remember, I was not so long scolded by Lost Lands, which is free Hidden Objects and wants a lot of money to be able to play it normally? Well, so, Twisted Worlds from long familiar to me Absolutist Ltd. is also free Hidden Objects and wants the same... And I like it. Paradox? Read on! Unlike Lost Lands, the company Absolutist did not bother with the plot. Here It is simple and unpretentious: Each task is a search of the object for a certain year, which "opens" this subject (and you are given an interesting fact about this particular year-"This year was born Isaac Newton" or there "was discovered antigravity"- The latter is true for dates of type 2049 of year). Pictures exist in two variants each, and have three variants of search: letters, numbers and symbols. Locations in the same way pumped (found all ten times? Get an increase in complexity!), and just as grow in price as in Lost Lands-with this pumping just as brings more items, but also requires to find more things. In Addition, on the locations there are "anomalies"-the fog, gradually closing the field, "Night", during which only the space around the cursor is highlighted, "Blitz", which gives much less time, and "Prism" inverting the graphics. The Game with anomalies gives more, but also requires more energy. In addition to locations, there are also a lot of mini-games-from the famous 2048 to the originally brought fame Absolutist game Bubble Shooter. There is also a collection of ingredients in four types: "Collections", bringing unique items, "ingredients", allowing you to prepare the energy drinks, "horseshoes", which are necessary for the game in a certain location (fortunately, only one) and "achievements", That are filled as the "year-round" locations pass. Why do I like this game? Because, unlike Lost Lands, she doesn't chase me anywhere. The job List (left) contains a lot of options for what you can do right now, and if none of them I like (it happens), you can simply choose a specific game in which I want to play. Yes, I'll be able to play three or four of these games for the call, and I'll be right with him! Once starred _neobhodimost_ "Do one thing to do another", it completely ceased to strain. In General, I recommend. Nice game for coffee breaks.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
At First, this game seemed just a "distortion" of the usual format and in principle, so it is. Energy is Spent for each attempt to pass a new level and is gradually restored (done for Donata). But my anger did not become a limit with a couple of moments (forgetting about Donat for the Big Shishi): 0) Zero, because it turns out to be picky in general to the Iskalkam. The Numbers and symbols sometimes hide completely infernal, so they merge with other objects. For the Sake of 3 stars on the location you have to chop a hint when there is a couple of non-left pieces, because despite the timer in 1 hour (a little less than 3 minutes) 1 star Otbavljajut somewhere after 2 minutes spent on the search. 1) Searching with a disturbing mist. Somewhere 40 seconds before the end of the timer, the ENTIRE location BECOMES WHITE, and when the timer ends I am offered to use the bonus to prolong this timer again for 40 seconds. Logically, I think: The fog timer will go away, it is not easy to offer. And Here's the horseradish, the SAME WHITE SCREEN. Well, I think maybe will save me a bonus, indicating what I missed, but it is used for nothing, because try to keep track of what white place to poke. That'S why those 40 seconds when the fog closes the entire screen!? Logically It was just a timer to trim. This game developers seem to have a full screen. Because They smoke dope every day, like Snoop Dogg sang: Smoke Weed Everyday. 2) Quest for picking up Tsiferok (minigame 2048). I've had Many of those already, and the moment has come, but there's a very wild number of points I need to get to win. I spend the Diamonds to disturb the playing field, when it is filled with numbers completely, almost reach the cherished figure, and then I miss a little, and the diamonds have dried up. Failing, the next attempt to have a 10% more accumulate points, but alas, goes even worse than last time and again remain without diamonds and without victory. And then I look at how much it takes now: 50% more to win, compared to last time. I take off from the chair, punching through the ceilings of the floors of the house, flying out for the atmosphere choking in space and my body arrives to Mars. Turns out there's life on Mars! It was... _ Verdict: Please go around this part of the party. Quite exciting, but then turn into a hassle of the Super Meat Boy or Dark Souls. I Never would have thought that the "distortion" could be such a hell.
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