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Under That Rain

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One night, under a never stopping rain, Andrè La Croix, social worker, will head to the unsettling Lazarius Mansion, following the reading of a mysterious folder that informs him on some alleged abuses on little Adrien. A young boy lately given in care to the Lazarius family.
What's hidden behind the mansion's inhabitants strange behavior?
And what are those weird feelings that clutch his mind and make him suffer?
Will he manage to face the horrors that await him? Or will he sink in them?
Soon André will find out that in the house are hidden memories that will push him further in the contorted truths of the Mansion which, being centuries old, seems to have started having a life of its own.

Under That Rain is a Horror pixel-art adventure, inspired by the first classic point-and-click graphic adventures. We wanted to recreate the atmospheres of our favorite games, and add a little more action, thanks to the use of Quick time Events!
Will you manage to take André to the end of his journey or help him discover all of the Lazarius Mansion's secrets?

Under That Rain is splitted into:

EPISODE ONE: Available now.
EPISODE TWO: In development, purchasable later.

For further information on Under That Rain Episode Two check on our website.
Release date
Badtale Studios
Badtale Studios
Age rating
0+ Everyone

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.3 GHz or Equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Dedicated with 128 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 450 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Under That Rain reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Creepy old school point & click adventure in The style of the 90 ' s The Video Game, which is called "Under That Rain." Under this Rain), in the middle of 2017 has been released for the PC. As a Genre, it's more associated with the Indie-horror, horror, gore, Point & click adventure genre in pixelart style. The Whole thing was Developed and published by a small, independent Studio called "Badtale Studios." Behind "Badtale Studios" Are two Italians (The Studio's headquarters are in Italy, Rome), who work on story writing and Video Games in their Spare time. Thus, "Under That Rain" is the first published Game of the two. It's also Worth noting that "Under That Rain" has been divided into two Episodes, and only the first Episode is playable. The second Episode is currently being worked on and if interested, you can see the Status of the Production on the original Website. Story technically is a young Social Worker from the Youth Office in Paris (France) who one Evening receives an extremely disturbing and violent File About a young Boy, and thus decides to get to Work immediately. The Protagonist, named "Andrè La Croix," therefore drives, after Receiving the file, directly to the Estate where the little Boy currently lives to get a Picture of the current Situation, but nothing is normal ... Apparently, the Property hides more Secrets than thought and the Protagonist is put to the Test. How much Pain, Suffering and Sorrow can a Person tolerate? Doesn't each of us have a dark, awkward Chapter in his Book of the Past? The following Course I will try to present the pros, and Cons of the Game, short and crisp as a Table. As a small Comment, I would remind you that I am only BRINGING in MY personal Gaming experiences and Sensations, and trying to describe them objectively. This means that every Person has a different Understanding, and the Point Of view is rather relative. Positive Features: + Detailed Environment, as usual in old Point & Click adventures + Great pixelart style + creepy and lonely Atmosphere + weird and mysterious Characters + captivating and exciting Story + Many dialoguing possibilities + 16- Bit soundtracks + Exciting "Cliffhanger" that arouses interest on the second Episode + value for money is right; For €5 you will be about between 3 and 5 Hours creepily entertained negative features:-From time to time there is no creepy, musical accompaniment, but rather "pop" and "cheerful" music, which I personally have sometimes found confusing and not so "creepy"- The Protagonist makes some of his own Decisions, in the Form of clicking on Cabinets or Drawers and wanting to explore them, as you have to look for a Key, and the Protagonist simply says, however, that he has no Desire or Interest to the cupboard/drawer Browse-Browse a VIEL too big estate to Explore, which I'd felt overwhelmed with (but I have to admit as a positive feature that ALL the locations, looked great and creepy!)-There are VIEL too fast-clicking quick-time events IN A Point & Click-Adventure-Not well placed Checkpoints-Some Puzzle sequences I could not easily comprehend and comprehend-Above-average English skills must be had to be understood (Maybe it will be patched at some point, or one is The Italian also powerful xD) Conclusion: In Summary, I can say to the Old School Horror Point & Click game that I have mostly experienced the captivating story with fear and frightening, so I'm already looking forward to the second Episode! Of course, the Game is not perfect, and in some Places I was due to the strange Puzzles, frustrated, and confused by the sometimes uncoherent Choice of Music, but I personally recognize the Potential and Ideas that the Developers have. Above all, I find the background story of the Protagonist very interesting and would like to know more about him. Overall, I have no regrets about buying and playing the Game. Furthermore, I'm a very big Fan of creepy Point & Click Games anyway, which have the Focus on "Storytelling" instead of Solving Puzzles. I'm very excited to see how the Developers will shape the second Episode, and how the Story will go on. In Conclusion, I can recommend the Game to anyone who is open to new things, a horrorish and creepy Pixel Art story, with a focus on the old school style human Psyche! Unfortunately, you also have to bring very good knowledge of English, but where do you not have to do that today?! (o ^ ^ o) Written by Rithleen
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