Universal Combat CE reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Too bad it has received so many undeserved negative Reviews. I don't know of any other Simulation that comes even close to UC ran's Features. It's actually a Simulation, not an Arcade of Encasing. Anyone who wants to cherish from quest Marker to Quest marker and place anything that somehow appears on the Radar as a red Blib won't have much Joy. Those who are unwilling, or able, are not to read a Manual either. If you want to take care of not only Taxes, but also maintenance, Armament and its Crew-including Food, Weapons, Medicine, etc.-you can do so here. Ground Attack on a hostile Basis is also possible without any problems. Ground Vehicles, Shuttles, Soldiers etc are all on Board, soldiers beam also goes. You can also come along yourself and support your Soldiers like in an FPS-but it's not that mine. There are clearly better Games for FPS. If the Ship owns Hunters, you can put yourself in a Hunter as a Pilot or Co-Pilot and do everything a Hunter has to do. Enemy Stations can be taken and must then be held. The AI will try to reclaim the one back. You can fly both in Space and on Planets, the Transition is not seamless but works. A Walk in Space is also possible. You can also just sit down in the Shuttle and explore the Area, shop, etc. Just don't be surprised if the Strangest Things happen in time on the Ship. Those who are attacked in time may find their Ship damaged, their remaining Shuttles stolen And the Crew dead. The Crew is also Trifly-stupid At the Beginning, but over time it also gets better and does not break their shuttle/hunters when they fly around with it. Anyone who has accumulated Enough Exp can command entire Fleets. Exp can also be lost! Not every Opponent appears red as it is not hostile to our Ship. However, if he dissects the Diplomat Transporter undisturbed, 5000 Exps have just pulled off. So You always have something to do, to be considered and protected-even in ROAM Mode. There's no real Story. But if you really master the Game, you can try your hand at the Advanced Operations, there are also Campaigns. That was a whole Lot now, but gives a whole Lot more ... Yes, the Game is quite difficult at First and seems unplayable at first. The Manual Has about 100 Pages, you should actually read this through. In addition, there is also a very well written Step-by-step tutorial To replay. That Alone has another 97 Pages. The Controls are once again in an extra PDF. So You don't have to read * a * Novel to find out how to close the Game: ALT + q, GAME _ COMMANDS. PDF on Page 2 of 6 At the Controls I have nothing wrong. There Are quite a few Buttons, but there are also a lot of Features. And most are also well occupied, so you can't do what can be done in battle from something pretty stupid (reactor/machine tata shields from the Airlock catapult ...) Crashes only gives me ALT + TAB or WHEN Windows steals the Focus on me. I haven't found any of the gamebreaking bugs yet. The Graphics aren't an Everspace, of course, but soo ugly you're not either. No, I play far longer than the bit of what is given here at Steam as playing time. I have been there since 1998 (BC3000AD) and also have UC2.0 on the Record