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In the distant 24th Century, on the far off world of Axia, located in a star cluster known as the Local Group, all is not well. Crime runs rampant, piracy and slavery go unopposed and oppresive governments rule. But far worse is the distressing news from Axia that for the past 80 days, not a single package has arrived from Earth. Launched via an acient piece of alien technology known as the Hyperspace Booster, these packages serve as the lifeblood of the Local Group. With travel to earth taking decades by conventional means, the Local Group is now in great peril.

Only 15 days ago, the Axian Central Educational Institute announced that it had evidence pointing to the presence of a hyperspace booster - somewhere in the Local Group. 


Your mission: locate the hyperspace booster. Your ship and crew aren't free, however, so during the course of your search, you are going to have to earn a living. Be the first to find the second hyperspace booster and your fortune is made. Fail, and a civilization encompassing 21 inhabited planets and 20 billion people will fall. 


The need for a hero has never been greater.


  • Purchase and customize your vary own starship
  • Hire on a crew and stock up on weapons
  • Explore the Local Group and fend of Pirate attacks
  • Trade supplies and earn enough to continue to travels
Release date
Core Design
East Point Software
Omnitrend Software
Throwback Entertainment, Core Design
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

System requirements for Commodore / Amiga

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Last Modified: Oct 20, 2023

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