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Usurper is a Metroidvania Action-RPG that focuses heavily on gameplay - with a unique battle system and significant replayability. With the game inspired by Symphony of the Night, Super Metroid and the Souls series, your duty is to rid London of the Eldritch horrors unleashed by the Citadel.


Usurper's battle system is built around Focus; allowing anyone to get into the game, yet still providing a high skill ceiling for those players looking for a challenge. With eight different stats to spec into (along with stat reallocation), countless varieties of character builds are possible. Usurper also features over 90 different weapons and spells; from swords, spears, axes, great swords, sycthes, whips, katanas, rapiers, daggers, bows, guns, rifles, canons, spells and summons.

If you're looking for even more content, then there are innumerable secrets, additional areas and optional bosses to discover. Or perhaps you'd rather set your own difficulty by activating special conditions such as; no focus mode, 1 HP mode, perma-death, or a built-in speedrunning mode.

However you choose to play, The Citadel is a massive and versatile interconnected world. There are countless shortcuts to uncover, and a variety of diverse areas; from human towns to alien landscapes, grand libraries to ethereal gardens, and from an eldritch engine to a crashed spaceship.


Usurper takes place in an alternative timeline of 1898 in London. The outer worldly Citadel has landed in the city causing massive panic and releasing the maddening Fog. Recently re-crowned Empress Eleanor has assembled the royal forces and her four most loyal Knights to enter the Citadel - in the hopes of learning more, and hopefully finding a way to rid London of this terror. Meanwhile, Waltham, the leader of the Veimar, uses his own forces to ascend the Citadel and challenge the Navigator for his own...purposes...

Usurper is a sequel to Shrouded in Sanity, however, knowledge of the first game is not necessary.
Age rating
0+ Everyone

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP Service pack 3
  • Processor: 1.2 ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Widescreen capable monitor required.
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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For the pacifists out there.
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Usurper reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
More Reviews are available on my Curator Site Usurper is a Metroidvania-/Dark Souls Hybrid mixed with Eldritch'S horror. It is Played in a Side-scrolling Perspective. Over Time, as is customary in Metroidvanias, new Skills can be found that open up new Areas of the Map. However, The Map can be seen completely at a very early stage, it is not uncovering. This is contrary to the Design of a Metroidvania, which Presupposes exploring the Map as Part of the Gameplay. There is a Part of the Gaming Experience missing. In addition, as in Dark Souls, there is an Endurance Bar, which is also a Shield. If more Damage is caused than There Is still shield energy, the additional Damage will be deducted from the HP. The HP are very tight, so you should be really careful with it. Gameplay The Character can be equipped with a lot of Different Weapons. Each Weapon has its own Attack value, as well as Endurance Consumption and Stunt Probability. Each Weapon can also be used at different speeds. In addition, there are Spells that are fast but consume Ammunition. This is dropped by defeated Opponents. So You have to pay off your Attacks well so as not to collect a Counter-goal. Furthermore, one can perform an Evasive Role, during which one is invulnerable. When you roll through enemy Attacks, there's sometimes a short Attack boost. Remote Attacks can be set back by means of a Shield. You also get Life Force from defeated Enemies, which can be invested in Levelups at Memory Points. With this Life Force, Spells and the Card can also be bought. It works like the Souls of Dark Souls. When you die, you lose all The Life Force and then have to collect it again. Another Death and everything is gone. When Level-up, you can always distribute a Status Point. There's HP, Stamina, Defense and five Points that improve Weapons. The Weapon decides which Points it needs. A Level but felt nothing Value, because you notice next to no Difference from before. HP can only be replenished at the rare Memory Points. So You have to be really careful. There are also Monsters to carry with you. These attack and cannot be hit themselves. But They don't do much Damage either. They, too, can be landered. Sound The Music is very reserved and Ambient. I even had to think if the Game even has Music, that's how much it's in the Background. The Sound Effects are simply Stick Sound Effects, which you have heard in other Games. Nothing Special about either. Graphic The Graphic Brings together two Graphic Styles: Complex colored Backgrounds with lots of shades and flat-shaded Sprites for the Characters. The Sprites are either much more strongly saturated than the Background or black and disappear into The Background. The Background is one thing above all else: Dark. You often can't see where you can stand and where you can't. Otherwise, you can say that the Developer took the Dark In Dark Souls a little too literally, because the Game is constantly too dark. Normally, the Screen is colored around the Player with a transparent Black with light cone. Many Opponents are not visible because they are Black. The heavily colored Enemies, on the other hand, can be recognized without any Problems. And then there's the Area of Catacombs where I stopped playing. It's even darker there. The Black is no longer transparent and the Cone of Light is created by a floating Thing: And in almost non-transparent Yellow. Then you pack blind Jumps and Opponents with Remote Attack into the off and finished is an almost unplayable Area. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1478214305 In Addition, you shouldn't use an overly small Screen or ram your Head into the Screen, because the Game likes to zoom out very far, so that the Player character is displayed in a Nicely small way. Animations of Opponents are then no longer really visible and you get hit without being able to react to them. Conclusion Usurper is an interesting Game in terms of concept and is also Fun in Gameplay. It's relatively hard, but you can learn how to deal with it. What you can't learn to deal with is too small a picture, as well as unfair dark Rooms. If you just don't recognise anything, you can't react to it either. For the Opponents, this Problem applies, which makes the Game simply unplayable in some Areas. Therefore, no Recommendation from me. Edit 15.8.2018: The Lighting of the Catacombs Has been adapted to the Level of the other Rooms. However, it does not stop at any Emphphing of mine.
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