Vacant Sky Awakening (PREORDER)

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Heroes are dead.

Lead the world to its untimely death by assuming the role of young nobles on their ill-fated journey across the countryside. Vacant Sky Awakening is a visual novel/RPG hybrid that allows you to see the story from every perspective, make decisions as every character, and watch the unintended consequences of your actions take root.

Success in battle requires growing and mastering the relationships between everyone in your party. Each pair of characters has some form of relationship which governs how they work together and careful management of these relationships is necessary to pull through.

They were still children back then, blissfully unaware of their fate, and the sorrow they would spread. Doomed to become humanity's greatest enemies, condemned by history, this is their story. This is their confession.

Vacant Sky Awakening - Act I is currently available for preorder. You will receive your copy once the game is released.

Pay at least $30 to preorder the Paradox Prince Bundle, which includes preorders for all three episodes as well as their soundtrack.

  • Check out the soundtrack on Bandcamp!
  • Check out Cap the Climax's album, "These Formative Years," which includes the Vacant Sky Awakening theme song, "The Devil You Know."
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Project BC
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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