Vacation of a Lifetime

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Vacation of a Lifetime is a turn-based first person shooter game where you control a team of power-seeking gladiators. The group has bought entries to a sadomasochistic entertainment game where nothing is sacred and where they can build their way to glory and fame.

Kill to feel alive!

Had a rough day at the office, Pol? Don't worry, we got you covered! We just received a latest batch of orphans from Asia. Why don't you do everyone a favor and go get some?

This is a friendly reminder that by participating in this event you fully agree to our user licence agreement terms, summarised below:

  • Definitions of 'user', 'corporation' and 'game'
    • The 'user' refers to the human beings entering any service area owned by the 'corporation'
    • 'Corporation' refers to the owner of the physical and spatial boundaries of the service area.
    • 'Game' is sometimes used to refer to the service area owned by the Corporation. The term 'game' does not imply the actions taken in the area do not have real life consequences.
  • Informed consent
    • The user agrees their participation is completely voluntary and based on informed consent achieved by thoroughly reading this document
    • By entering the service area the user agrees to all the terms in this agreement
  • On 'users' and 'challengers'
    • The user understands the 'game' includes 'challengers', whose goal is to encourage interaction. The 'challengers' are also 'users'.
    • The participation of the 'challengers' is encouraged by psychosocial means and the exploitation of their weak economical and cultural status in regards to the normal 'users'.
    • A periodical performance review is conducted, where a 'challenger' may become a 'user'.
    • Any physical or psychological harm done between the 'users' and 'challengers' is never condoned by the 'company'.
  • On responsibility
    • The users are fully responsible for all actions within the service space.
    • The Corporation does not condone, agree, or support any actions violating any national or international laws, or good ethical practises.
    • The user is aware of the current appeal in the ECtHR at Strasbourg, France.
    • The user may leave the 'game' at any point, but they remain responsible for their actions within it.
  • Further details
    • This user agreement may be modified at any time.
    • Read the, full, detailed document here.
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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