Viewtiful Joe Double Trouble

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An action-movie hero's work is never done! When the bad guys descend on Movieland, Joe rushes to the rescue, ready to crush the villains with his new powers.


  • Exciting cel-shaded, platforming gameplay that is synonymous to the series
  • All-new storyline set within the "Movie Studio" theme park
  • Introducing Joe's little sister, Jasmine, an aspiring actress who gets caught up in the movie action
  • New touch-screen based VFX powers

When a mysterious crime syndicate descends on the set of Captain Blue’s newest movie and makes off with the film, Joe rushes to the rescue, ready to crush the villains with his new powers and retrieve the stolen footage.

This game stays true to the Viewtiful Joe roots of delivering sweet action with speed effects that can blow your mind. OK, maybe mind blowing is going a little far, but you catch our drift. You play the game on the bottom screen and the top screen always displays a close-up view of Joe and his actions. It's almost as if you're directing the movie on the bottom and others can watch the top screen as a movie over your shoulder. Charge them admission.

This version of the Viewtiful one features several VFX powers including several that are touch screen specific. You don't need to use your stylus, in fact, your finger is recommended. One of the new powers is called "scratch" and you do exactly that, you make a scratching motion on the screen. The scratch technique brings props and production equipment falling from the sky and onto your enemies. There's also "split" which is a puzzle mechanism that lets you slow down time, draw a line on the screen and then rearrange objects on the top part of that split. Maybe you move a safe from a shelf to over your enemy's head. That's a headache when it comes crashing down.

The big payoff comes via the "Joe Camera." This move lets you pull down the upper screen (the one that's giving you close-ups of your action on the bottom screen) to literally give Joe a helping hand. You may need to flip a switch to open a door, but you need a close up of the switch to access it. Once you pull the screen down, you can use your finger (or stylus of course) to flip the switch.

Bottom Line

Viewtiful Joe is turning into a great action-platformer franchise and the DS version looks almost as good as the GameCube titles. That's quite an accomplishment.

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System requirements for Nintendo DS

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Last Modified: Sep 12, 2019

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