Visual Novel Maker reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
That the included characters are primarily heading toward school romance was to be expected. Personally, I like the Graphics, but I still hope for Extensions beyond typical Japanese School Uniforms and Yukata, as I do not plan to provide a UN that is set in Japan and in which practically only young People appear (but the Software is primarily based on It should be tailored to the Japanese Market and the Setting is also very popular here, I do not see this as a Minus Point). The Background Graphics come with changed Light Conditions (morning, noon, night), which I find useful and well thought out. Here, too, most Of the Graphics for the School area can be found. There are also a few for a Fantasy Setting, though. The Music is harmless and unfortunately completely worth to forgotten (I would like the Composer's Pieces otherwise very much) and here at the latest it becomes clear that the standard resources are designed for otoque games. I find The Operation of the VN Maker cumbersome and anything but intuitive. Unlike the RPG Maker, which I love, trying Around with this Software isn't even Fun because you have no choice but to work your Way through the Manual (only available Online) if you actually want to achieve something. I don't mind reading certain Features, but if I have to look up almost every Feature, the Fun quickly falls by the Wayside. The fact that the Publication of the UN Maker has been postponed for so long as possible in order to create the Said manual seems like an Indication that it has become clear to the DEVELOPERS themselves that the UI is not as easy to see through As was claimed beforehand. I only wonder why, instead, no decent test Match has been created that roams more than a small Handful of Functions rather than coming up with Pages full of Text? If everything goes so easily and quickly, it would certainly have been possible in the additional 12 Months of Development. In addition, it is too often referred to Scripts for my Taste (be it in the manual or in Discussions with the Developer) that it is Advertised That no programming skills are required. Writing Dialogues is extremely awkward and therefore more time-consuming than I would like. Although There is the Possibility to work through a so-called Message Batcher, which seems to make your Action easier, the Manual searches in vain for an Indication of this Function. I just found out that this Possibility even exists because I stumbled across it in one of the Discussions here on Steam. Playing Two Films (in this Case, Weather Effects) at the same time, does not seem to be possible without a performance loss. At least with me, Image and Writing promptly Falter. In Short: Yes, it is possible to create a Visual Novel with this Program even without Programming Skills, but whether you Enjoy it is another Question. I honestly find it hard to believe that someone using only the Features designated in the UI is holding out long enough to actually complete a Project with several Hours of Play. For this, creating the Dialogues is too cumbersome. To be fair, I would Certainly be less critical if the Developers had not increasingly advertised that this Program was extremely user-friendly and easy to use and the additional Development Time was necessary to stamp out any Errors . For this, the Operation is simply not intuitive enough and There are also definitely too many Bugs.