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Product received for free A bold dynamic Approach in an otherwise slower Game Genre Explore Norse Mythology with your Gang of Vikings. Tightily pamper the Game characters to knock down your Opponents in a Cooldown-based Board Game. Summary Story Small but fine Gameplay Tactical Table with a beautiful Learning curve Graphics appealing Playboards music Fitting story The Journey begins on the Island of Tyr. Before the Vikings leave for their Journey, they must receive the Blessing of Eir. Of Course, you must prove yourself worthy of this. A Challenge has been made, even the Neighbors are waiting. What should initially be just a Raid of the Coasts evolves over Time into a Journey into the mystical World Of Yotunheim, from Norse Mythology. Gameplay The Game principle Of WARTILE Corresponds to a Board game, with RTS elements. The Board consists of hexagonal Surfaces, which can be higher or lower. The Playing field is severely delineated, so only Elements that are present in the rectangular Field and outside the Board there is yawning emptiness. The Figures can be moved across the Playing Field, but are limited by their Movement Points and Terrain. A big Difference from many Representatives of the Table-top games is that the Moves in WARTILE are not round-based but are based on Cooldown. In addition to the two characters available from the Beginning, you can recruit other Characters in the Tavern during the Course of the Game. Each Character has its own Story, thus also different Strengths and Weaknesses, as well as individual Fighting Styles. The Characters ' Fighting Style is refined by one of the three selectable special Attacks, which are unlocked By The Leveling of the Character. In Addition, the Characters can be customized with Equipment that can either be found or purchased Or Attribute points. In the Battles, it's important that the Characters can see each other to attack. Thus, a Character cannot attack the Opponent unless another Character restricts the Field of View. This requires intelligently exploiting the hexagonal Structure of the Playing Field. In addition to the Field Of view, which influences the Fighting Possibilities, there are also the Height differences of the Playing field, which gives advantages to the more positioned Figure. As Obi-Wan said, I have the high ground. In addition, the Combat System is expanded with Maps that support the Player in a variety of ways. Activating these Cards requires Points obtained by killing Opponents. Each Board has a Main Goal that needs to be met. The Main Goal is always at least one side quest, which can be met as an Option. Nevertheless, the Ancillary Goal should also be met, as the next Level Of difficulty will only be unlocked if all Targets have been completed. The first Difficulty level is to create with a little Thought usually without Problems. The two higher ones significantly increase the Difficulty level, so there is always a Challenge. Graphic Despite the Fact that the Playing field is strongly demarcated, you get lost very quickly in the World, because the Focus is totally on the Playing field and is not distracted by anything in the Background. The Playboards are lovingly designed and rich in Detail. It is true that the "Lobby" cannot reach the Graph of the Board of the water, as some Textures look blurred or spongy. Still, this is more of a smaller Aspect, as the least amount of Time is spent there. Overall, the Subject of Vikings and Norse Mythology was captured very well. Music The music used Are beautiful Nordic Melodies that clearly convey the Nordic Flair. The Sounds during the Fights are rather less varied. For this, attention was paid to more Variety of Sounds in the Area. Personal Conclusion WARTILE is a special Representative of the Genre, the tactical Structure with the Concept of the Coodldown-based System has appealed to me a lot, it gives new Dynamism to the rather slower gameplay. This Dynamic also significantly reduces the Time it takes for a Card, so you usually manage to complete the Quests in a Time Span of 10 to 30 minutes. A refreshing Game Concept, but not everyone will like it. If you are interested in a slightly faster tactical Board Game, you should definitely not miss it. If this Review suits you, follow our Review Program.