Wenjia reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
This game is SUBLIME. Made by a small Chinese Studio that has put all its heart, it is a Pearl as rarely found! I discovered it in the most improbable way: on a warez site on the day of its release (alas for him). My boyfriend showed it to me as soon as he saw it, because it reminded him of Ori that I loved. I bought it directly! XD then no, this is not a Metroidvania but a classic platform game where the only ability that one obtains is the double jump, shortly after the "tutorial" part of the beginning. The other power is that of changing phase by switching between the world of matter and the world of energy with a touch, and this in a very fluid way. Every world has its own atmosphere, and some objects and platforms only appear in one or the other. There are also some collectibles to pick up, which add difficulty and challenge. Overall opinion graphics 10/10: absolutely to fall! Everything is painted, and the rendering is beautiful, whether it be the woods outside or the caves, the animations, the small touches of life in the form of animals or light effects. The ambiance is downright magical and the colors sublime, and more than once I stopped to take a screenshot so it was beautiful! The decorations are well supplied and different so that even by reusing the same assets, we do not have an impression of copying/pasting. More than once also I switched between the two worlds for no reason, just to see their respective renderings. Musique 9/10: the music is soft and beautiful and accompanies perfectly the progression in the game without being assaulted. The game is a beautiful journey and the music accompanies it wonderfully. Little less for some passages where it is a little repetitive, but hey, that's when you die in a loop on the same passage ^ ^ a big plus for the beautiful song in the quarter of the game: we sit on a rock, and we listen. Just like that, for no reason. Are the energy bunnies dying? We don't care, I listen to the song on a rock XD gameplay 9/10: fluid and well parameterized! At first the animation of Wenjia (the cat) bothered me because I found the movement slow compared to the race, but this is the only point a little negative. The character controls beautifully, and the grip is immediate, we learn very quickly to know exactly how it will react. And the overall animation is very well done also (running, resting, gravity, jumping,...), up to the small ears that give an extra parcel of life to the character. Very soon we run by alternating the worlds just by instinct, and the small challenges of speed helps to exceed our limits. One would just want to be able to change the world faster when one passes a passage, but it would remove the difficulty XD the negative points must possess a controller. Absolutely. I started the keyboard (usually requires), and there is no way to parameterize the keys, which are not natural at all. I own an AZERTY keyboard, so move around while the a and q especially are reversed, with the super j away to change world, this is just not possible. Super positive point: my generic Logitech controller has been recognized immediately without any problems and no need to set up! Great recognition on that side. The extra short lifespan.... The game ends in 2-3h at 100%, and we dream of having more so it was good. In a straight line without picking anything up, we end up in about 40 minutes. The translations. No surprise, I play in French! ^^ there is not much text in this game, but there are some parts whose translation was a bit special and confusing. I do not know if it does in other languages. We have the possibility to go back from the pause menu for the collectibles that we would have missed, except that we can not choose the checkpoints in question and sometimes we have to retype a good end of the game just to get to the place where we miss some ch dares (especially annoying when the ORB that is missing is that of the challenge, and that one has to redo several paintings every time we want to retry his chance). What would be nice to improve DLC to have more content (because good, I have not enough ^ ^) to be able to set the keys of the keyboard and the controller. Better management of checkpoints? Anyway, I put a 18/20 on him. It is really very short, but you will not regret it! the third