World War I reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
World War I-The game-the successor of the first Blitzkrieg. As can be understood from the name, the setter is the First World War. But compared to other games on the basis of "Blitzkrieg" it is noticeably weaker both in mechanics and diversity. The Mechanics of the battle Technique Here is similar to the first part, which is one continuous minus. I'm going to write it down. As in the yard of the PM, we have to fight, in the majority, infantry and cavalry. Occasionally, and on great holidays, we are given 1-2 armored vehicles and a tank. But let fans of zorg-rasha technique not rejoice. Razslaves do not understand why they cut them in the trash-the stock of cartridges they are 100-200 pieces, while in the same "Blitzkrieg" (and I remind you that these two games differ nothing but netting) their number is more than 2000. Only you start the attack \ Defense and after 1 minute of firing customize the truck and refill again. And so every time. By the end of the mission you start them to hate and stop using them-I guarantee you. In this case, the tanks did not cut anything. Also we are given to run airplanes, but it is not too thick. Destroyed them with a pair of shots of AIR defense guns, which are abundantly placed near the clusters of troops, which makes it pointless to use them. You can forget about their existence at all. Infantry And Okay there with the technique of the problem. You can survive This. You say "Use the infantry!" No, it's not. The Infantry was carefully moved from "Blitzkrieg" without touching it from the word at all. She's dead at the speed of light, and she's dying. And a lot of her count won't help you. Oh Yes, there is local know-how-cavalry. But the lack of it-KP is just as much, survivability is similar to simple infantry. This is the first of two minuses that put a cross on the game. If you think "okay, infantry crap." There are artillery!... " Artillery And Here is the second minus, which will not give you any pleasure from the game. It was so boring that even as a seasoned player Blitzkrieg, I got hair on my head. Instead of JUST moving it from the original without changing, the Razrabi went with their crooked hands to where they should not. As a result: the firing range Is scanty at ALL trunks larger than 76 mm. And The long-range is a morph (if you compare it, it shoots not much farther than the same infantry). And now the question-how to pass the game with the Zerfllenno armored vehicles and artillery, as well as squalid infantry? Total Trash. If you are a lover of the first Blitzkrieg and look for new sensations-pass boldly by. Better for the same money take Stalingrad and you will see how to properly make games on the basis of this. P.S. A variety of missions is simply amazing-capture the village \ City \ position and \ or repel the attack and capture the same village \ City/enemy position. Also, I've created my own curator page. If Interesting, you're welcome!