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Wrongworld is a silly yet unforgiving survival game set on a low poly world filled with freakish inhabitants.

You play as a furry little space critter with a bit of a knack for whomping mutants. Crash-landed on a strange and surreal planet, you must decide whether to attempt to rebuild your ship and head home or try to make a new life for yourself. Either way, you'll be exploring, gathering, crafting, discovering, whomping and juggling a powerful need to eat.

  • UNFORGIVING SURVIVAL - You're gonna have to figure out the world for yourself and hopefully not die in the process. But you will. Probably a lot. And with perma-death and auto-saving, there's no sneaky reloading to avoid an untimely demise. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try to learn from your fatal experiences. Super-Secret Bonus Hint #1: Food is good. Eat it.
  • SILLINESS APLENTY - It might be a brutal world, but you may as well chuckle at the ridiculousness of it all as you go. Obliterate trees with your forehead, fast travel as a non-human cannonball, and become best friends with a cardboard box.
  • RANDOMLY GENERATED - The world is completely randomised with every new game. And with a bunch of random events to discover/be subjected to, you're likely to face different hurdles every time you play.
Release date
Sludj Games
Sludj Games
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Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Yes, a processor is required. My 2011 middle-of-the-road laptop can just about cope. But to err on the side of caution and also try to sound a little less clueless about hardware, I'll say an Intel i3 or better is probably wise.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: You don't need a beast - as mentioned above, my ancient laptop (it's called Larry, by the way) has something known as a Radeon HD 6520G stuffed inside it, and it can just about deliver 30fps with all the settings on "Low". Definitely wouldn't want to go older/lamer than that, but the fact you're actually looking at 3-dimensional games on Steam makes me think you've probably already got that covered.
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
  • Sound Card: As far as I can tell, any on-board chip should work. At least, none of the test machines I have access to have had any problems with sound.
  • Additional Notes: As Wrongworld is still in early access and is therefore receiving lots of love and attention to make it run silky-smooth, it's worth noting that system requirements are subject to change for now.
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Wrongworld reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I saw the Game and thought, "What eín sweet Style ... oh and you can fish like in Starbound or Salt ... "That was enough for me ^^. Well, seriously, though. A totally crazy survival/crafting game, the Opponents are quite strong but totally funny and the Character you play Is hammer in the truest sense of the Word anyway, because you don't need to cut an Axe to The trees or a Pickaxe at first like in other survival games or a Pickaxe to Stones clutter, ne that do with your Head. Baaaam!!! The Game world is filled with funny Encounter Pleasures sometimes friend sometimes enemy Sometimes gives a small Mission sometimes spawn 5 Enemies at the Same time and want to get to the Latz. You can really determine your Own home, where, how high or wide I position a Wall and you can always move and work on everything Built, which is of course essential for later Reconstruction work, exactly the Function I often lack in survial/crafting games. But it is hard, if you die the Score is cleared, you have to make friends with that, but after a few runs you are inside. And you have to die more often at first to ascend to level 5, because after each level you get an oblique reward tool that will be unlocked for the next run. I don't want to reveal much more dennn it was really a great Experience to explore the alienated World of Wrongworld without knowing exactly what to do. It never gets boring that I can guarantee you. Have Fun in the right World of Wrongworld. ;D
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Wrongworld-False World. That's how I felt the first Time I pitched in the Low-poly world of Wrongworld. After a few Minutes, though, I felt directly like "dahoam." Anyone who has ever played a Survival game knows such games, and also likes to play the Games, especially because of the game principle, but also because of the Game Mechanics and playful Graphics (would I have had a Bet going on how many times I put "game" in a Set Can, I probably would have just won.). Since almost all my Reviews have a Pro-And Contralist: Pro:-Graphic style is interesting, Especially the Sky looks fantastic-control runs smoothly, but here and there cumbersome-Crafting is intuitive-The Animation in the Mining of Resources: See for yourself ( Video below)-Nice change to the other survival unity match-The Descriptions and Events are not only for Smacking, but also for Laughing counter:-Food. I like to Do real Life, but in this Game I have my Difficulties. Some would say I'm scuping in the first Video. I would argue that this was planned to show that. in any case. -Tutorial. A Little more detailed would have been good-> ESSEN!? -Crafting and Inventory space: A Box just costs too much at the Beginning, you unfortunately have to drop a lot of "Stuff" conclusion: Nice little Game. I'm excited to see how it plays out over longer Distances. Will definitely tackle it. @Jamie: Nice Job! I'm having a great time playing Wrongworld! Here's the promised Video (is the First of hopefully many): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVzCwlPp29M
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