Xicarus's Xtreme Xventure

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Xicarus's Xtreme Xventure You are Captain Xavier Xicarus (xe/xir), a thrill-seeking pilot in a doomed solar system. In 22 seconds, the Xun will explode, taking all life and all planets you know with it. In the meantime, though, it's a great chance to do some sick donuts around a dying star. XXX is an addictive and deterministic score-em-up where you maneuver an agile ship across treacherous environment. Features
  • Addictive 30-second game loop
  • Refined, skillful gameplay
  • ZERO randomness; deterministic physics
  • Beautiful low-resolution graphics
  • Learn about doomed planets
  • Reach the highest score you can!
  • Arrow Keys to steer your ship
  • Press X to activate your boost, once every 30 seconds.
  • Press Z to open your Solar Atlas, which lets you view planet orbits, and learn about their composition
  • Press "Enter" for options
  • Brook.p8 - that's me!
  • Emma - Lore ideas and support
  • ATL Gamedevs
  • Tessa's Cosmos
  • Playtesters, including Kartik, Morgan, Natalee, Tamsyn
  • Shoutout to trans folks and autistic people everywhere, and especially autistic trans peeps!
Low Rez Jam

In my opinion the best part of game jams is playing other people's games and seeing people interact with your work! To celebrate the end of this jam, I'll be streaming and giving thoughts on entries from this jam starting next week! If you want me to look at your game, feel free to add your entry to this spreadsheet! I prioritize people who are watching live, but I also will keep track of the VOD so it's easy to find if you can't tune in.

Meet the System
  • Xun
    • Remaining lifespan: 22 seconds
    • A hot and burning ball of code and plasma, facing imminent collapse
    • Our beloved sun at the center of our system
  • Xerth
    • Orbital radius: 29,000 pixels
    • Its neon sea, which neatly divides the planet in half, creates the perfect habitat for life as we know it
    • We call it home <3
  • Devril
    • Average temperature: 450°F
    • Due to the high heat and an atmosphere rich in oxygen and carbon, this planet is constantly lit aflame
    • Possibly supports marshmallow-related life??
  • Keple
    • Planet radius: 1200 pixels
    • This body's orbit is extremely off-center, passing both closer to and further from the xun than any other planet
    • Due to the extreme fluctuations in temperature,  and its mossy poles, it does not support life. And if it did, it'd probably be lame anyway. Like moss or something.
  • Bolong
    • Orbital eccentricity: 0.42
    • Tidally locked with the sun
    • Due to its fast movement as it approaches the sun, Bolong's dark side is notable bigger and denser than its sunny side
  • The Cube
    • Sides: 6
    • ???? What???
    • We don't know how it got here
  • Debris Belt
    • Number of asteroids: 1.27 million
    • That's a lot of rocks
    • The ring appears to extend beyond our observable universe
Thanks for playing!
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Last Modified: Aug 15, 2022

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