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Yonder is a simple game with lots of mindless crafting and grinding for resources. It is also not very polished and looks half-finished at times—like if you save and do something like launching fireworks and then quickly load the latest save you are about to see the very fireworks that you launched *after* the save and also some other things like this. The localization is terrible—I looked some other versions apart from the English one, half-hearted translation and some chunks of English texts left here and there. So why do I ‘recommend’ Yonder? There are some things that the game gets awesomely right. First, it's the world, plants, creatures, and overall visual style. Overly-cartoonish, too cute, and vivid, the game is inhabited by some of the funniest animals I have ever seen in-game. The sunset is a joy to watch, and the map is fun to explore. Second, since the worls is so cute, you actually want to help those tiny humans, and flowers, and trees, and ever-pooping groffles.  Third, it has this “one more thing” feeling in Yonder that makes games addictive in a good way. So grinding for resources feels like something meaningful as well as crafting or trading. All in all, if you want to really relax in some game, I really recommend you playing Yonder. This might be a good game before going to sleep too! Tested on me and my wife.
«Just one more turn»
This game is a waste of time. The lack of any challenge makes it completely pointless. I don’t know how anyone can enjoy just walking around and picking up items. The game needs to teach you something but here you do nothing over and over again. I regret these two hours I’ve spent on this walking simulator.
«Waste of time»
Firstly I completed this game on PS4 and now I enjoy its PC version. It’s a great exploration adventure where you are not distracted by fighting things and just go and enjoy the world. The game is very relaxing and beautiful, I’ve already spent in it hours and don’t want to stop - I guess, it hides more things to find. Highly recommended for everybody tired of fights.