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Training Room is agame visually inspired by Super Hot, and gameplay-wise inspired by Call of Duty 4 training level. The game aims to hone the shooting skill of the player, and improve the accuracy and the reaction time of player. In the game players have to shoot dummies and dodge projectiles with a time tracker which encourages player to finish the level at the fastest speed.

I started by making the basic movement of player and the core interaction of the game which is shooting. Then I built a draft version of map with dummies. Finally, I worked on the visuals of the game including post-processing, 3D models, and the final version of the map. The least enjoyable part for me is designing the map. I felt so clueless and difficult, and it is because I have no experience at this. The most enjoyable moment is the making of 3D assets. The proccess is rewarding and satisfacting. The good decision I made is that I decided to add more 3D model in to the scene. This makes my game looks so much better.

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Zaiyun_Midterm_TrainingRoom screenshot, image №1872360 - RAWG
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Last Modified: Mar 18, 2019

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