Zero Punctuation: Hatfall - Hatters Gonna Hat Edition reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Benjamin Croshaw, he's Yatzi, my favorite lookout. This Australian regularly makes a cycle of game review "Zero Punctuation". His reviews are crammed with respect for classics and critical opinions. The Author is swearing for the case. It has a taste. Kroshaw's Reviews were strongly distinguished by the deliberate rapid text-almost without pauses. Very caustic, witty, black, vulgar and a bit of non-political humor. Simple drawing with several static objects on a yellow background, among which: black, similar to the logo "Android", Imps, third-party images (funny reflect the thoughts of the author) and Yatzi himself-a white man in a hat, sometimes at a computer table. It is supported by all voiced components of the drive capital composition. Every video-censorship on such a trouble-free template. In A review from Benjamin does not even have any frames with a observable game. His reviews are based on a specific author's style, improvisation, runaway pace and excellent provoking the sea. This makes them so special. In our country "Zero Punctuation" is unpopular, but it is easy to find many translations of different quality. In The original it is difficult to understand anything because of the fluent talk of the author, without long pauses. Why am I writing this? Everything is simple-I want to make it clear what this indie game is. "Zero Punctuation: Hatfall-Hatters Gonna Hat Edition" is made with the assistance of Benjamin Croshaw. All the fibras of the project feel the corresponding style of Yatzi. With U T Play for Yatzi, collect hats, collect hats with complications, collect hats with inscriptions on the background, collect hats in mini-games, laugh at how "Hatfall" mocks our senseless gentry, and we smile and continue to collect the thousandth Hat (Anyway, I'm like a fan of archived). At First it seems that it is just a fun killing time, although it is, but later in the game you notice more and more interesting details: Aga-Shop of things... What do we have here? "Golden Computer Table"-"plus 1 to your social status". "Tire"-"just tire, plus 1 to the tire". "Assassin'S Creed-Action. Adds knife, ladder, horizontal, vertical, secretive, fast kills, as well as smoke bombs and a sea of other opportunities for the whole family. Available for pre-order. Note: Patches will be later. " The player's alter ego Store. 17 characters with no less amusing descriptions. Decorate the background while catching hats. Even the outfit of Agent 47 from the series "Hitman" is. After a while, you open one surprise after another. The Evil magician-must be reassured by catching a hat with incredibly difficult conditions. Later, a calm wizard gives you a chance to choose one of the three cards with bonuses or anti-bonuses. Suddenly "Assassin'S Creed" turned out to be defective, inside the game there is a critical flight with an error, the next moment it is necessary in the spirit of the graphic anime-novella to seduce the anime-hat.. A what?! Achievement "Wait. What's that? Then you buy a hiking backpack. "Adds survival mode if you are too easy to catch hats, plus 1 to survive"-says the game. You get the indicators of thirst and hunger, fill them with fishing hats. And again unforeseen developments. In the next scene shoot the animals to fight hunger, kill the manager-Bear and take his job to make complex decisions of some forest corporation?! These are the moments That adorn the "Zero Punctuation: Hatfall-Hatters Gonna Hat Edition". This game is filled with absurd situations and hilarious jokes. I laughed heartily. Not only that, the project is also equipped with other mini-games. Such events allow to collect more hats. Oddly enough, the game has a non-vowel goal. From Each collected hat the counter in the main menu will be filled to the necessary mark. What will happen at the end? The Greatest climax with the villain you will see yourself! Why is it worth playing? As I said, a sea of stunning humor (you will not understand it without knowledge of English). And from the great love of the reviews Yatzi and perfectionism: to knock out all the achievements, get all the cards, to pass the game-again, limit hats in the menu for a reason. "Zero Punctuation: Hatfall-Hatters Gonna Hat Edition" is a bit above its price, however it is a great project with a typical Yatzi approach. There's something to laugh about. I Recommend not only fans of "Zero Punctuation", but also wishing to cheer up the mood. 6 out of 10