Zombie Wars: Invasion reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Update: (After countless Fruit moments and few New Installations later ...) I still made it! (Game Rating is at the bottom) Here are a few Hints: The Tower Defense Game is really damn tough in a few Missions. Without Help, I now have everything but the twisted Mission 8, all down to 3 Stars. It helps to lay out a few Mines in advance (this is possible before the Start, if you have a lot of Time, you can even glue the whole Map with it). If you take care of the Bonus Missions (hard) later, you can put the Money well into the Towerupgrades and do the Achievements. It is I think Mission 22 (?), where you get 430 Gold, where it is easy to win and farm the Mission. You can then quickly afford everything and buy a few Bonus items for the particularly hard Nuts. I think the Main Problem may not be even so the heavy Mummies, but the nasty Healers, who apparently sometimes heal again for long Stretches and can finish an entire Mission immediately. Therefore, it is important to turn them off immediately. Either with concentrated Firepower in one Place, or with a Rod of Dynamite from the Shop. As I said, you'd rather play a higher Card once to have 3-4 Dynamite than have to restart several times again and again. Opinion to the Game: Graphic: 4/10 The towers and Units still look quite nice, but the Rest look smear and like a cheap Mobile Game, all a little coarse (grainy). Sound: 4/10 The Dudel Claams is quite ok. For a cheap TD Game. But There is no Variety And compared to other Indie games the Part here stinks anyway. Gameplay: 6/10 Actually everything works out, but the Heroes where moving doesn't work so well and throwing Bombs you only meet with Luck. Balancing: 1/10 God, what have I done to you?!? The Degree Of difficulty varies from simple to hellishly heavy. 1 Point because I still made it, because I faked Level 22 to be able to buy Dynamite. Fun: 6/10 The gameplay and Balancing Problems sometimes cloud the fun of The Game. I rate the Average here. (devalued, otherwise 8 would be in) Overall Rating: 5/10 (devalued, 7 with better balancing) Conclusion: Actually a neat and fun Tower Defense Game, unfortunately the Developer did not manage a consistent, increasing degree of Difficulty. At least Mission 8 is far too heavy and contains really high Fruit potential and inevitably leads to a worse Final Grade. That clouds the Overall Impression a lot. You can look past The sound and Graphics Limitations in this Kind of Game. Since I can't say if you'll ever get through the game to the End, unfortunately I can't make a Buy recommendation. In the Special Offer, good TD Players with a relaxed Mind can, but quietly long. UPDATE 2: So, I managed 100%. I certainly had to buy 30 + Dynamite Bars, 4 Pieces of there per Level 22 Replay. Better you have a few too much with you than when you run out of things. It is also Important to spam some Mines in advance with the heavier Levels, otherwise you need even more Dynamite.