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Rainbow Six Siege is a 5v5 game where there are 2 teams fighting versus each other: the defenders and the attackers.

Every round you change from defenders to attackers or attackers to defenders.

On defend, you have to protect the objective, keep a bomb from getting defused or protect the hostage.

On attack, you have to attack the objective, defuse the bomb or save the hostage.

Before the start of the match, the attackers have 40 seconds to find the objective, bomb or hostage using a drone that can stroll through the building.

The defenders can reinforce walls, so enemies can’t breach in, and barricade doors, so enemies will have to shoot it down causing it to make a big noise alerting the defenders.
Defenders can also destroy the drones if they shoot them. They can also check where the attackers are using cameras that are outside the building, or inside.

You can also pick various operators to help you in the battle, here are a few starter ones:
Smoke: a defensive operator who has gas grenades that releases toxic gas when wanted.
Mute: also a defensive operator who can stop drones from entering the objective using a jammer that jams the connection with the drone and the attacker.

Thermite: an attacking operator who can destroy reinforced walls.

Ash: also an attacking operator which can destroy walls using her breaching pellets that on impact can destroy a concrete wall.