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Explination of Fortnite Battle Royale

Comment from OPburgures
Fortnite battle royale is a 100 player survival game where you have to fight to be the last one standing using guns, shotguns, grenades etc.

 You can gather wood by breaking trees, or you can gather brick by breaking rocks or you can get metal by breaking trucks or cars.

 You can find loot in chests, or on the floor.You can also shield up to gain more health. If you lose health, you can use bandages to heal up to 75% or use a med kit to get up tp 100% If you don’t like playing alone, don’t worry, you can also play duos (2 people) or squads (4 people)

There are 20 locations (for now) in fortnite:
Lucky Landing
Flush Factory
Fatal Fields
Moisty Mire
Salty Springs
Shifty Shafts
Greasy Grove
Retail Row
Dusty Divot
Tilted Towers (most popular place of all time)
Snobby Shrores
Lonely Lodge
Wailing Woods
Tomato Town
Loot Lake
Pleasant Park
Haunted Hills
Anarchy Acres
Risky Reels
Junk Junction.

 Oh yea
 Also its free