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Enthusiasts have found a new glitch and more content in Bloodborne

Comment from Runaway13077
Sometimes players spend so mych time in a game that it seems they know about it more than the developers. “Tomb Prospectors” spent years to study every piece of Bloodborne. They found out that no matter how many of the higher difficulty Isz-type Chalice Dungeons they generated, the game kept spitting out a small number of variations - while the variations are random and must be almost infinite.

Later the enthusiasts understood that the problem is the code of Bloodborne. Prospectors claim that Bloodborne has a set number of Chalice dungeons with specific layouts that it can pull from, and the game only selects these predetermined dungeons at random.

The solution came after months of exploring the game. One of the prospectors - DrAnger90 - created a new character and went to dungeons with it. And they finally got a fresh area.

The second great discovery followed. The boss in this new area wasn't programmed to stay within it unlike other bosses in the game. As a result, the team was able to lead him through dungeons to another boss - and two AI started to fight each other.
The team doesn't stop, though. They say there're still lots of things to explore within Bloodborne, and they are ready to dedicate hundreds of hours to the game.