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Good old times

Comment from iBarin
I remember Demo version from magazine disc. There was one solo map and one deathmatch. After school with my classmates we played it for months! We beat shit out of that map! I even rename solo map in folder and get it working for deathmatch mode!
Auto-turrets was a large tactical feature and only skilled players dear to move at their range.
But, when I bought full version all this tension flew away. We get many maps, weapons and game mods — but most of them was locked or disabled for multiplayer. I have to beat single campaign, but I can’t remember that I get turrets unlocked… We continue to play and had a lot of fun, but demo and full game feels like two completely different games. At our last day in school we met again and play one more time to respect all good times with this game.
BTW much later I discover online multiplayer and how people uses ropes to fly in the sky, opens parachute and place block to land on it. But that another story.