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Comment from Март
While Pocket(o) fighter has a massive amount of charm, slowly but surely you'll find out that the real intended audience for this game is little kids, that is not a bad thing but it certainly keeps this game to have a broad appeal to anybody.

Pocket Fighter feels like a condensed and family version of a great fighting game, you have combos, special moves and an interesting yet simple progressing system that make your special moves more powerful whenever you pick up certain gems, it certainly keeps things simple and you can easily catch up and destroy your opponent when you understand them. The combos are cool and beautifully well animated, they have some nods and references for different Capcom games, i.e. Chun Li will change to a Jill Valentine from Resident Evil while executing a basic combo.

What this game doesn't have in complexity it has it in art direction and animation, the stages are like living dioramas and every one of them has little stories that happen through subtle animations, definitely is a joy to view and makes you wonder what will you encounter in the next level. Same for the fighting animation, it seems that the animators had an amazing time, the move-set for every character ranges from pretty cool to outstandingly comic, a brief glimpse of Zangief combos in youtube will make you the general idea.

Definitely, Pocket Fighter may be a game for little kids, a game that I will introduce to my own children when the time comes, but the real highlight at least to me was its art style, that's not saying that it is boring, you certainly can have a fun time with it, just keep in mind that the creators made it simple on purpose in order to appeal to minors.