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More guns!

Comment from MeZev

Wish more games gets their own cartoons like this.

Tim Freeman
I've stuck with the Wii U until I can find a way to replicate the symmetry of the top-stick, bottom-pad design with the switch. I haven't seen ANYTHING on this until your comment here.

Other comments2

Great game, good progression experience, funny descriptions and nice cooperative (even using only joycons). But how disgustingly it is played in handheld mode. It's very difficult to shoot the trigger and aim with a stick. Objects on the screen are small, so table mode is also not suitable. Remains TV mode with pro-controller. Too bad, I wanted such game on the go.
There is option to re-bind buttons (btw no SL, SR buttons) but I have no idea how to place it to feel good.
I heard many games suffer from such problem and what I thnk: Nintendo sales each joycon separately, so they could make symmetric joycon for people without friends but with need to play their games in comfort.