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Blizzard's building hype for BFA: Horde-sided opinion ;)

Comment from Gorfest
I'm for the Horde (so... yeah, biased).

Blizzard's been ramping up their release with some amazing cinematics or art animations starting from the announcement where pretty much everyone was for the Horde (I mean, come on, Banshee-infused scream "For the Horde!" can make even the Alliance player skin crawl... yes, I know Brad Pitt did the Mass Res, but let's face it, Sylvanas won that in terms of coolness) and to last "Old Soldier" cinematic where you can't help but feel bittersweet about the good ole Saurfang. But I kinda wanna go in order.

Announcement trailer:
That's how you get people hyped, a good old-fashioned Horde on Alliance action (or vice versa depending on who you root for) with the boys and girls you love or hate. Sylvanas, Saurfang, Zappy Boi (protect him at all costs, people!) vs Greymane, Wrynn.

Alliance or Horde? The everlasting question. But then the Warbringers animation shorts came along and made the question even more difficult to answer.

If this short below came out shortly after the above trailer, I think people would be even more divided. Sylvanas after becoming the Forsaken was always leaning to the hate part of the Horde but oh boy the burning of Teldrassil sure showed her colors in full (which is beautifully animated, I must say):
This for me was a cheap move to paint the Horde as the bad guys for BFA and especially Sylvanas (who I secretly hoped still had something good in her.... yeah, I'm a sappy guy, so what?). And even as the Horde player myself I started to think to don the gold-blue armor. I mean, where's the honor, the pride? Come on, Horde, that's not what we represent.

Well, after Teldrassil, Blizzard decides to give some hope back with "Old Soldier" cinematic focusing on Saurfang and his struggle through pain, loss of his loved ones. This poor orc has got some serious PTSD issues but keeps on fighting because Horde is not just hate, it's honor, tradition, respect. And thank you, Blizzard, for Zappy Boi (it's nice to see fresh troll blood in the mix, "mon"):
Oh, this was good, people. It's nice to see the faith in the Horde a bit restored.

For certain obvious reasons Blizzard is focusing on the Horde side of the conflict with only one animation short dedicated to Jaina Proudmoore, one of the most prolific Alliance heroes who started as a Horde believer but now turning into full-on "for the Alliance!" archmage.
What a short it is. Laura Bailey (the voice actor for Jaina) gives me the goosebumps with the song that describes how her father fell to the blow from the Horde and how she let that happen:

Come on, how can you not feel this quiet rage and menace that's building inside of her? Ooof, literal goosebumps.
I'm kinda interested to play an Alliance character to see her progression, because Jaina's character development has been pretty great.

There is one more short left that will be focusing on Azshara, the Naga Queen, which will most likely be retelling of how she became the naga.

2 weeks before I get to play and see for myself and Blizzard doing all they can to make me count the minutes.
So. Horde or Alliance? Saurfang for Warchief? Zappy Boi for the cutest troll of the year?
Also, does anyone have a good only-audio version of the Daughter of the Seas song?