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Great Game, Tedious Gameplay

Comment from BloodScorchedSun
The overall style and premise of this game is awesome. Having the bosses be a puzzle in themselves is a really cool idea and can make for some fun challenges. The game is beautiful and the music is as well. My main issue with this game, specifically the remake, is how floaty it can feel at times as well as just having very cumbersome controls. The first issue is control Argo can be a chore, then you have the climbing and how slow that can be, topped off by how floaty Wanders movements can be to the point he can trip and fall off a cliff because of the dedication they put on animation movements. Really reminds me of the early issues people had with Red Dead 2 and the Witcher 3's wind up walking that was later patched. I didn't really have too many issues until the last Colossus where I found myself falling off the ledges when trying to skirt around them and found the jump back movement required for the boss fight only worked a bit of the time. I guess what bothers me the most is this is a remake and when remaking anything you should fix issues that product had prior, not just remake them as well. A minor complaint to what is ultimately a very beautiful and influential adventure game.

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Game is absolutely incredible and worth the play, but only play it once. As time goes on the controls become frustrating and the game as a whole less fun. Power through for being able to tell people you've beaten it, but if you don't care don't bother.