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Comment from BloodScorchedSun
What I really hate is how much charm this game has, especially with it's visuals, that is just absolutely wasted on boring and buggy gameplay. First off, I have no idea why Sony gave this title to this specific developer. They don't really have a lot of console experience as most of their games are either handheld or ports. I can only think back to the Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale on XBLA where Wizards of the Coast, despite being fairly picky about giving out their license, decided to let an indie developer handle this game over other, more suitable devs. The game flopped and the developer with it. I'm not saying don't give indie devs a shot but it should line up with your genre and business plan. What this game feels like, is that they took the original game, stripped it to the framework and just put fresh paint on it. I love the visuals for the most part, I'm a big fan of the exaggerated art style, Fable being one of my favorite games. The gameplay however, feels flat.  There have been a number of people saying the original plays better, which in some aspects I think is true. I felt as if ever step or corner I was getting stuck, this is extremely evident when taking the shorcuts on the boulder hill. There are also platforming bits that just plain suck. There are a lot of headaches with the combat and how life works that aren't as bad later in the game as you have good weaponry and a number of the life bottles to keep you from a game over screen. 

I just feel like they didn't play test this enough or maybe it wasn't caring enough because there are definitely some rough spots that stick out. One thing I think is cool is they included the original 1998 game as an unlock. Now, they decided to make players play through basically the entire fucking game again to get it but still it is neat. The fact that you have to complete an entire level over, even after completing the soul quest required for the unlock is ridiculous and just reminds me of Doom Eternal and how even after saving progress, they'd make you go through the entirety of the level if you didn't finish. I think this could have been the start of a comeback for this series that sadly didn't hit the mark with critics or fans so we probably won't be seeing more of Daniel anytime soon.