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First Yakuza game

Comment from Brahmaputra
The first game in the series that I’ve played! Guess, it’s a good start for me. Anyone else who didn’t play Yakuza before? What do you think about the game? If you’re an oldfag, please, join our discussion too.
I guess, it’s the best time to start playing Yakuza. The graphics now are much better, and the story, I hope, will attract more players, even if some fans won’t agree with the babysitting.
It took me a couple of minutes of playing a demo version to buy the full game! It’s the first Yakuza for me too. The gameplay’s quite simple for a newcomer, I appreciate it. Maybe it’ll be too easy but it’s not a problem now. Btw, Yakuza made me think of Tekken (and that’s cool!).
Go a little further and you’ll understand it’s not that easy! If you want some hardcore, buddy, switch to the hard mode then :)