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Will sequel fix it all?

Comment from Brahmaputra

There is a belief that Ubisoft make good sequels for the floped new titles. This is difficult to check, since new titles releases extreme rarely, but what do we have for now:
 Assassins Creed 2
 Watch_Dogs 2
 Far Cry 3 (second game made by Ubi)
 the Crew 2 (too soon, but looks promising)
 E3 is coming and it is time for Division 2. I hope this time there will be a decent game that will not need to be saved for a whole year so that the players do not have trouble. I liked idea of first game, but there was nothing much to do. 

And what do YOU wait from Ubisoft on this E3?

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What do you think about this new release? Will the co-op this time be great?

The game is out on March 15, 2019.