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Comment from JohnnySinsOfDaHood
On my opinion the best MMORPG on the market right now. It´s very cheap and lots of times you can get it for free for ever. BDO has content for so many hours of gameplay, you can choose between so many different classes with different playstyles, you can be a PVE player, or a PVP player too, going to massive guild wars or just fighting on 1vs1. You can also be a lifeskiller, and gain money doing lifeskills such as: Sealing, Processing, Dome, Cooking, Fishing, Farming etc. Also it has the best character customization ever. The graphics are so beautiful on high-end PC´s but you can also play it on a Low-End PC without any trouble.
I have played it for 1000H and i don´t regret it at all, and i have so many things to do yet!