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High Hell review
by comfytalon

8/10 - the OST :)))) also very unique and fun final boss
«Just one more turn»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«That ending!»
«OST on repeat»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
An almost perfect Game! I started the Game exactly an Hour and a half ago, because I scrolled through my Game Library a little bit and wanted to play something I don't know yet. That this Game could then entertain me for almost 2 Hours, full of Fun and Variety, I really wouldn't have expected. I got the Game Back in the Winter sale, because I thought the Graphic style actually looks very cool and different than the well-known Games out there. However, the Graphic Style is not even the Highlight of the Game. I'm normal-white not at all the Target Audience for Games that only tell Your Story through the Game world. I'm not a Friend of Half Life, for example, since I find it's easy To Gameplay heavy and you get sent up to 2 Hours through Levels without any real Progress in history, this Problem just doesn't have high light, because it has the perfect Sp Ielllength. My only Criticism is actually just the Soundtrack which unfortunately does not come beyond "quite okay" and that I had one or two times the feeling that I did not know now why I died now, but this can also be up to me and is therefore subjective. No matter what Level I came to, I always had the Idea "this is much too cluttered and cluttered to me," 3 or 4 Minutes later it seemed to me that I knew the Level by heart. Dialogue is completely dispensed with And the Game always remains pleasant between medium to heavy in its Difficulty. A Level lasts between 7 and 10 Minutes from the Feeling and there are always small Side Tasks such as Burning money, or finding small Dolls With which you can pass the Time. But enough of these Basic Information, because I want to get to the Highlight par excellence: The Highlight! History. I still can't explain why She's such a Highlight for me, but I can try it. First of all, as already mentioned, It completely dispenses with Dialogues, cutscenes, items, actual Descriptions, Skills and all other Schnick Schnack, with which you now have to come Seemingly easy if you want to succeed in the Gaming Industry. The Game gives you a Weapon at the Beginning, in the Course of Time you can see in the Game world another Picture that gives a Hint that you can aim with the right Mouse button, that was! Now follows a Game in which Monkeys Are manipulated by Crazy Coke dealers with thought Helmets, Goats abused for rituals, puppies are bred into crass Fighting dogs and a self-infatuated devil named BO $ $ oppresses the World with his Network. The cool thing is, I rhymed it all up myself, because that's what the Game wants from you, just through the Pictures and Objects that lie in the Game world. There are no Texts like In Dark Souls that go something like this: "Here was once this or the" no, there really are only the Levels and the Objects in these very ones and that is perfectly enough to understand the Story. I love the Game for it and hope I can convince at least one person to give the Game a Chance. Also, I hope, of course, that this Game gets its Money and attention, which it has earned and another Part can emerge. Finally, the Hint that you should definitely try left click with every ladder sequence, I overlooked that at the first 8 levels of 20 And it is also one of the many Highlights in this Game. For Fans of little great Ideas, just the Thing!
It's short, but High Hell is a blast which I thoroughly enjoyed. Picture a first person, cell-shaded Hotline Miami and you basically have High Hell. Pulse-pounding fun and filled with character. Some of the best loading screens I've ever seen.