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Yakuza Kiwami review
by markbass69

It's kind of weird how they couldn't decide if this was a sequel to Yakuza 0 or a remake of Yakuza. The whole Majima subplot is obviously a reference to Y0 - Majima clearly has missed Kiryu and chases him around the city, but at the same time, they kept the original story beats with Majima as not having seen Kiryu in roughly 20 years. Nishiki's transformation is much more impactful with having played Yakuza 0 first, but Shimano's presence in Yakuza 0 is only really a big deal if you've played Yakuza first because he's basically a non-entity in this one.

Also the subplots, like in Y0, are kind of too drawn out unless you do them non-stop. But if you do them non-stop, they get rote and repetitive. In turn, the whole romance subplots just kind of end (again, unless you dive into it and start seeing the same content - down to the dialogue lines - over and over) and don't do a whole lot. Majima's subplot is super long but also requires a lot of randomness, all so you can slowly regain a fourth fighting style that's not particularly distinct from Brawler. The combat is good and, particularly Rush in my opinion, really changes a lot over the game. The substories are funny - except a handful are pretty misogynistic or transphobic, which is definitely not funny - but sometimes feel tacked on. I can't help but feel they should have done the substories OR the Majima/romance subplots. But as it is, the main story is still this wacky melodramatic gangster soap opera which is always fun to follow along with, even if the subplots can veer off course sometimes.

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Yakuza Kiwami (PC) - Finished on March 10, 2021.
A great retelling of Yakuza 1, getting a bit too bogged down in its side content
Not as good as 0 but still story is good the combat was the only thing I didnt like about it
It’s ok. The story isn’t as good as the one from Yakuza 0, but it’s cool, the only big disappointment is the boss battles. All boss battles in this game are terrible, they take too long, boss mechanics are bad, you get knocked down way too much and the boss shields from 90% of your attacks, it is ain’t hard at all but is extremely boring and frustrating given the amount of times you get knocked down.
If you love Japan and it's insanity this is a love letter to you. Bombastic, dramatic and fun
«Can’t stop playing»
«OST on repeat»
The added Nishiki scenes are the only reason I can recommend this over the original
Wonderful. A true masterpiece in terms of storytelling and character development. It makes you want to do all that there is to be done, even if it isn't part of the main story. I can only hope to play another game as good as this, that isn't part of the series!
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Fun game with lots to do and home to some of the best cinematic presentation in gaming. I prefer 0 and Kiwami 2 but this is still a stellar game.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Before having the easy criticism it is necessary to re-situate this work in its time, even if the visuals have been given to the taste of the day Yakuza Kiwami remains in his heart a game of 2005, the transition may seem abrupt when we get out of the masterpiece that is Yakuza 0 m the game is still enjoyable.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Thanks SEGA. This saga is part of your legacy. He Began as a "spiritual successor" to Shenmue, now shining with his own light. This saga is unpayable and I Will support it as long as I remain strong and Dinerín to do so. Great Port and a SegaDev to loco who puts a message to loco in the discussions, MAJIMAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! What else can I ask for.
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Microsoft from Spain
Today, February 20th, World Day of the "crawls". Joe as we cool the kittens...... Especially because unlike you, human who only has 1, I have 7 just made me "CATKUZA." What I think, is that SEGA what to Echo, is to strike on the table, (I think of Steam); With this title and the "Yakuza 0" to tell us all because it is one of the great, the history of video games.