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Dreamfall Chapters review
by SP

Great ending for a great Story
«Sit back and relax»
«That ending!»

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Suffers from the same fate as its predecessors: illogical puzzles meant to slow down and confuse the player. No amount of shiny graphics and cute female protagonist can save such outdated mechanics.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Unprofessionalism destroys Atmosphere and Gameplay When I bought Dreamfall Chapters over a Year ago, the Atmosphere of the Game quickly captivated me. I liked the Figures, the lovingly designed Backdrops, the appropriate Music and the funny Dialogues, which I liked much better in German Dubbing than in the English Voiceover. As great as my Enthusiasm initially has been, the more the release of the next Episode has been postponed, the More often it has diminished. When I bought it was not clear to me that I was paying the Full Price for a beta Version that is not finished at all. In order not to have to wait any longer for the Story to continue, I played Episodes in English Spache, but only with Music and Subtitles, because I found some of the English Voices unbearable in Sound. I find it extremely unprofessional in the Middle Of the Release period to change the Software and thereby trigger an unforeseeable Delay. In addition, I don't like the new visual Style anymore. The Original Version had a uniform Style. The new Version looks artificial and stacked and therefore ugly: While in the new Version Textures Such as Tapestries realistically depict the Fabric, the Figures continue to look unrealistic, meanwhile more like Plastic Figures rather than painted. For me, this extremely destroys the Atmosphere of the Game and I wish I could have played on with the original visual Representation. The fact That the Developers are now making a News post several times to announce that they are announcing the Release of the last Episode seemed to me Like Mockery. (Presumably, too many times I've checked the News, hoping to finally learn how the Story ends). In the meantime, however, she is almost indifferent to me. It's been ~ 1.5 Years since I started playing DC. I don't remember much more or just crudely. The Figures have become alien to me, I no longer feel connected to them and the Story and that's crucial for me to dive into a storyline RPG. Verdict: Games like Dreamfall Chapters shouldn't be bought until they're actually fully released and functional. Otherwise one Spends one's time with endless waiting for the continuation of the Plot, which in this Case lasted so long that I became indifferent to the characters and history, which is also due to the fact that the Time period is too great to adhere to the many Details and Subplots. , as well as the big Theme, in an emotional Way to remember. The Game itself is a Mix of Fantasy and Sci-fi. Elements from old Legends as well as packaged Social Criticism. The Combination was interesting, but thematically it was not something that did not already exist in any other Way. Some Aspects I found annoying because it seemed like the Repetition and Indictment of real historical Events in Fantasy Garb. For me, For example, a Holocaust Lawsuit has lost nothing in a Fantasy Game. There are enough Documentaries and contemporary Films for That. As I delve into a Fantasy World, I want to experience something New, exciting that exists regardless of real History.
This is not a game, it’s a mess. Like the devs started the story and knew how to finish it, but everything in between was written by some retarded kids. The story is a total failure, won’t recommend the game to anyone.
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»