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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit review
by AssassinGlasgow

This game is very much a tech demo for Life is Strange 2, though it has the added advantage of being a free title. It's a short and simple game, which fits the tone of the character we take control of as he is a child. This doesn't mean it doesn't delve into some heavier situations, however, as we soon learn that our main character, Chris, grapples with his own sadness and a father that is not exactly the best person to be around.

The simplicity of this game helps to drive home those dark themes, as the contrast between the innocence of a child and the realities of the world are constantly at odds with each other through Chris’ imagination as the superhero Captain Spirit. The game relies heavily on exploration and so objectives can be completed out of order, which adds a little dynamism to how to approach a game that’s otherwise linear.

The art is as good as the original Life is Strange, though with added graphical fidelity with the new engine they are using. UI is also revamped, with the ability to respond to characters using a new dialogue wheel. These changes took some getting used to, but are overall a nice step from the Life is Strange UI system.

It’s a self-contained game that’s a little bittersweet, though the cliffhanger it ends on makes me curious as to Chris’ incorporation in Life is Strange 2. I don’t know if this game would appeal to those who aren’t already fans of Life is Strange, but if you are I recommend picking this up as it can be completed in a short sitting.


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I don't have much to say about it...

It's just.... Boring
«Waste of time»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Review In addition to the Review, the Pieces of music from the Game are listed at the end and at the Very end an Interpretation of the Game, with the Attempt not to spoil too much. Nevertheless, I use the Spoiler Tags, both for which Scene, which piece of music was chosen, and my Interpretation. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a very nice and free playable Teaser, for which Life is Strange 2, which has not yet been released at the Time of The Review. In the Game we take on the Role of little Boy Chris (aka: "Captain Spirit"). The approximately 2-Hour adventure is peppered with a small Number of Puzzles, which are usually very easy to solve. The only really serious Puzzle is already a Challenge. As usual of Life is Strange, another grandiose selection of Music is accompanied by it, which also lyrically fits the respective Scene in the game. The Story around Chris is a perfectly understandable one of how it might be taken out of life. It is probably exactly what you can go very close to. In My Opinion, however, Chris is not a Main Character in Life is Strange 2. Most likely, however, a Supporting Character with which one will also have contact. Why I mean this, I like to explain to you in my Interpretation below (Spoiler). But it is precisely for this Reason that you play a Supporting character, I clearly recommend taking this little extra With me. You have the Opportunity to get to know the other Character quite well. How he thinks what his Story is and his Problems are. There will probably be no real Spoilers for Life is Strange 2 in this short "Teaser game," because it satisfies mMn. Just that Purpose of being a Teaser for the upcoming Game. Just Play it! (o: Music Tracks from "The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit" 01. Luciano Rossi-Look for Sympathy | Scene: Start of the Game 02. Bat for Lashes-Moon and Moon | Scene: Record In Father's Room 03. Sufjan Stevens-Death With Dignity | Scene: Chris sights his Hiding Place "Stash" 04. Rone-Parade | Scene: End of the Game Rendition of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit in Reference to Life is Strange 2 (From here, Spoiler Warning!) For those who want to arrange the Events in the Game a little and maybe do not come up with it themselves, how to interpret what, I still like to write these Lines. The Way Chris is introduced suggests he will merely be a Supporting Character. One zooms quasie in the middle of his inconsequential Everyday life. For a Main Character, there is still a bit of lack of Depth. Even with a little innocent boy, then more would have to be going on, e.g. thoughts, what moves him right now. But Chris is only a Boy who plays and we only gradually discover what moves him (like a Puzzle, which we gradually uncover). Chris himself clearly does not have "Super Powers" like Max, for example. The Game shows you this on many Occasions. Chris is a little Boy who has a lot of Imagination and just in this Fantasy he has his Powers. You will even be shown quite clearly in the first Scene (where Chris plays with the Spaceship) that you will also play something with it and try to deceive the Players a little bit. With the TV it becomes untelaid again, where Chris puts the Remote Control away afterwards. Perhaps now the final Scene of the Game, where Chris pounces, is now also explained. It is not Chris who lets forces work there (he has no Strength and attempts are made to deceive you). In the same Breath, however, two Chakartere are "introduced" or shown. One of the two (about Chris alter) even waves to as if to say, "Hello, here I am!." But when I think about the fact that Max and Chloe 18 and 19 respectively were in Life is Strange and such a Character, on the Topics that have always arising in this Series so far. I Assume that here, too, the Issue is taking hold "it is not the obvious Solution." I therefore assume that the Character from the Background will become the Main Character. Chris and his little Brother, are presumably going to become Friends and I think we'll continue to relive Chris's Story rather passively. How far we intervene again remains to be seen. As written, my Interpretation and I may well be wrong. (o:
If this is a sign of things to come, things are looking up for the Life is Strange franchise. Well observed human storytelling with genuine emotional stakes and none of the cringy bullshit of the first game (which I liked quite a bit already)? Sign me up!
'Tis not as deep as Life is Strange, yet charming in it's own way.
«Sit back and relax»
«That ending!»
Five Word Review: Get excited for LiS sequel!
Favorite Thing: Yeah it's short but it's free and really well made.
Least Favorite Thing: I would have liked to explorer the father-son relationship more.

Date Completed: 2018-06-29
Playtime: 1.5h (all activities)
Enjoyment: 8/10
Recommendation: If you're a fan of Life Is Strange and/or plan to play the sequel than definitely!
Life is Strange series was always known by its attention to details and in this game, all details were made with maximum enthusiasm. We don't have a lot of characters here (like we have the drunk dad who's sleeping all the game and the neighbour who talk with us only for 30 seconds), so all the story is focused on things with which our character surrounded.
So why not “Exceptional”? Because we don't have a fully completed story. “But this game is free what the hell have you expected?” Actually, I didn't expect this game at all and I still think that it's just a demo engine for the 2nd season.
«Sit back and relax»