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Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome review
by Mika

For as long as I can remember, I have always wondered why there weren't many otome out there that don't have lewd CGs. I know otome are geared towards women and girls,  but having an adult otome shouldn't be this hard to come by, right? Well, even know in days the market for it is pretty bare, even with Western visual novels. This visual novel on the other hand checks my box for being an adult otome and one that happens to be translated in English. 

The translation is nice, it's not bad and there weren't really any mistakes that I noticed at least. There might be some, but as far as I know I didn't see anything. The main character you play as is really stunning and her personality is interesting and not really one I was expecting whenever getting into this. She can come off as harsh sometimes, and she complains a lot which could bother most people. She does get a bit better later on. With the guys there is one that is a masochist and the other one who is a sadist I believe. They don't play a lot into that but they do touch on it a bit. I like the multiple endings you can get even though there are only two romance options in this visual novel. A lot of the endings are funny gimmick endings.   

This visual novel is fully voiced. Even the sex scenes were voiced, so be aware if you do play the adult version. They can get pretty loud with the moaning and noises during those scenes. There's fair bit of them too. I was worried there were just going to be two and they would be short. That's not the case luckily but the scenes are a bit odd thinking about how would you even end up in that situation. 

The art is hit or miss. There were times where I liked the art and other times where I was like uhhhh not my favorite. I think the design for the MC was nice, however I didn't care for the guys as much as I did her. Just seeing the shorter sadistic guy is really weird, I did not think he was that cute myself and some of his angles were off putting. The CGs were okay for him though. 

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Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
The story is not spectacular if we compared it with other visual novels, but it is true that it has a lot of charm. I have laughed a lot more with this game than with many other more famous, so I think it is something that should be taken into account. The characters are quite interesting, but I do not see that has been built very well what the contrast of the S and M. The protagonist I love, because despite having insecurities, is not the typical silly girl who can not do anything alone. He sometimes goes the pot, but that makes trigger scenes very funny. The visual Novel's drawing is not spectacular; In fact, I notice that the characters are very little consistent, because they do not seem the same profile as in front. Still, the unlocked images are very nice. On the voices, I like almost all, except for Saito, I feel that does not completely hit the character. The Ambient music is pretty good and I don't notice any particular sound effects missing. Overall, I think it's a visual novel that's pretty good; It is very entertaining and fun and can make you have a good time to more than one. Even So, maybe your price is a little high for what you can offer.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
OK so yes the game is in English but it is not incomprehensible, do not stop at that, at worst, you will have a good reason to improve you in this language that scares you so much. As for the game: positives:-graphics: very nice, we're not going to lie, it's a lot in a Visual novel. -Diversity of purposes: I am one of his people who managed to have an end in less than 5 min (big Quiche). But this proves that they have planned several and thus a greater longevity. -Pleasant Musics: they have not marked me (in good or bad) but from my memories they put us well in the mood. -History that changes. It's still a romance between students/high school kids, but, we're going to be heading into a more mature story with student/professional change. What's more high school is only secondary in itself, the theme is there, but we're not going to spend our lives there. -A lot of humor: how not to smile? You will inevitably find a time when you will smile between the staged moments that are numerous and the small references here and there. Negative (s):-a feeling of frustration: some endings were blocking me in the sense that I was on my hunger, I would have wanted more stories (several hours to tell the truth, how much I had fun on it). -The price (for some): the price is affordable for such quality, but there is only a few choices of dreable characters... Okay that 2. If you are like me and you do not fully cling to their personality... It hurts a little for the price, but it's still a good experience.