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Metro: Last Light review
by yamaci

Although I recommend playing this game, I will have some serious criticals about it.

Despite doing everything in my power, trying my best at being good, saving this, forgiving that and such, I got the bad ending.

Just to be clear, Metro Exodus picks on the good ending of the Last Light.

Therefore I wont play the Exodus. It's that simple. Because my story ended with Last Light. If they included an alternative story in Exodus for this, it would be better.

If you're not going to provide an alternative, there's no meaning to the different outcomes, or as a player I will have to accept my outcome and refuse to play Exodus.

Last Light was a cool game. Had a cool story. Its mechanics were completely same with the Metro 2033. Ranger difficulty is not a difficulty but rather a gameplay style. I would suggest playing at that. You will feel very challenged, and if you want even more challange there are even harder dififuculties for you. It truly becames a survival challenge. In easier difficulties you wouldn't probably need to use your throwables, but in ranger mode, believe me, such events happened that my last and final resort was throwables. Only then you see the usefulness in them, and start to employ them even if you can manage with bullets. This teaches you how to be better at in game economy and such.