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Super Hexagon review
by possum

8/10 - Maybe I will come back to this one day and finish everything... But for now, I give up. Amazing OST.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«OST on repeat»

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Super Hexagon is a great Game for in between. :P There's actually not much to write about the game itself, who watches trailers or Gameplays knows how the Game works. Running Head to head for the highest Score with Friends or the like you can really sit there cramped and just don't want to counter somewhere yet. ^^ For the Price of just under €3 at the moment, it is definitely recommended. I'd also recommend it for €10, because it's just fun.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
[Graphic] [] A single Pixel is more beautiful [] Bad [] acceptable [X] All good [] Just Awesome [price/quality] [] full Price [] Liege Buy over in the Sale [] Average [X] Under €5100 [] Don't buy under 90% Sale [] Let it rather [difficulty] [] Can you get the Mouse Because of you manage [] easily to more difficult [] just hard at the Beginning [X] Dark Souls [Game Time/Length] [X] 0-5 hours [] 5-10 Hours [] 10-30 Hours [] 30 + hours [X] Infinite [Story] [X] not present/don't need [] plain, But not bad [] Mediocre [] Too Again [] Simple Perfect [Bugs] [X] No [] A few Bugs [] There are no Bugs, they are features [] Unplayable by Bugs
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Microsoft from Deutsch
This Game, what is called "Super Hexagon," is a Game Of skill. What I noticed especially when I was creating the third Stage "Hexagonest" was that you not only buy a Game for the little Money, but also Syringes filled With Adrenaline. In the Beginning, this Game can be quite confusing, that you don't Feel like it anymore. But then that lingers in the Game Library and you somehow feel an Urge to play it. This Game is about dodging all the blocks that are moving towards the Middle. You play a small Triangle in front of the Middle, which tries to escape these Blocks in a fortified Circular track. I always think of this as a little Typi that is washed down in the Middle and he tries to escape the Water Molecule. ;) At some Point you've reached a Point where you're gradually getting better. In the first Stage, everything is actually still quite slow: The Blocks are lame at the Beginning and the Blocks form simple Patterns to escape from them. The second Stage is not very much faster, but as the Environment confuses more and the Patterns become more complex. At the third Stage the Blocks race and some nasty Traps are here. At the Stage, you'll probably have to crack the longest. Here, however, you can train well and improve your Reaction. And here comes the Allure of the Game: You try to break your Record, but it still has that Adrenaline rush and I have to say it just feels good and it really keeps coming out as you approach your old Record! The other three Stages are of course just something for Freaks, I'm really not sure if I'm Bothering, because at some point there is also a Point where you just can't do any more. But for Pastime, these Modis are certainly Gold Value. With the bit Of Tipping what the Game costs, you really can't go wrong.