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Dragon Age 2 review
by Reiko_LJ

Dragon Age: Origins set the scene for a fantastic world and followed your player character through an intense time over a short period as they helped stop the blight. You travelled to different cities and recruited people as you ultimately worked together to best it.

DA2 took a different route. You stayed in one city but watched it (and the characters) change over a time period of around 10 years.
This meant for a vastly different focus and tighter storylines/dialogue which I thoroughly enjoyed. Like the first game, and Mass Effect you could choose the gender of your character and how they responded to others. But here, the more you chose one 'tone' of response (helpful/sarcastic/dickish for example) the more that character would also act that way when you weren't in control too. Nice touch!

The characters you met along the way were great as well. And depending on the combination you chose to take with you on missions they would say some fantastic ambient party 'banter' to each other. Had me howling at times. Isabela and Aveline are insta picks whenever I'm playing this game.

All in all, I never understood the hate this game got, to me it was a great journey and gave a punchier Dragon Age experience.
«Beaten more than once»

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very underrated game everyone got their expectation and looked for something like DA:O but sadly it's not the case here, the game was developed in only one year and it was very rushed and due to this it's very repetitive in both levels and mobs but the narrative and the companions in the game is really well done and it's the best protagonist in the series for me, the combat was fun but the encounters rate is really bad, a good experience overall written by David Gaider and composed Inon Zur, 9\10.
Cutted corners in development on each step. Downgrade in almost every way compared to origins.
Can be fun on easy. Party is kinda ok, story is barely ok
«Oh God i managed it»
its been years and i can't stop replaying this
kinda trash but witty hawke still has some of the best protagonist dialogue ever
A very Lazy game, repurposed dungeons, repurposed plot and a very slim party customizacion.