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Tropico 6 review
by Kaemden


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I'm a little torn at Tropico 6. And could I forgive a neutral Thumb, then I would. Because on the one hand Tropico 6 is again a familiar Tropico, atmospherically dense, visually nice to look at and like returning to your Island after a few Years of Abstinence. On the other hand, this Tropico unfortunately shows quite clearly that Kalypso either seems to have few Ideas on how to develop the Series further. Or you just dare not introduce anything New. It's always just Nuances and Trifles you dare. Small Steps are taken that ultimately make the Game seem like a DLC for Tropico 5. At least that's how it feels. The Thing about the Islands: Is nice meant and nicely made, but not a Gamebreaker. You build a Bridge here, because a Jetty and that's it. After All, the Election Speeches were retrieved from Part 4. You can also modify your Palace now, which is unfortunately just an optical Gimmick. Playfully, this has no Influence whatsoever. I have already criticized this at Tropico 5 and I am happy to renew my Criticism here for the Successor: You could put together a decent CV with Pros and Cons at Part 4. At Part 6 you have one (!) Option that affects the Game. What a pity! Nor does it seem to want to say goodbye to the Budget System of the Buildings. That was 5 mies in Tropico and is no better in the Successor. So Budgeting from Part 4, where you could set exact Prices for Rents, Wages and Maintenance, is also missing from Tropico 6. Instead, again, such abstract Values as in Part 5, which are supposed to stimulate the Imagination of the Players. What a pity! It is Still the case in the free Game that you only have to survive the Initial Phase. Then you've boosted your Economy and it's buzzing, the Rest is Kiki. Sit Back and let it run. As with Part 5 and basically the Parts before. After all, the Developers have looked at a Tropico 2 Thing that has actually become quite nice. You can now organise "Raids" and Kidnap People, seek Treasures and things like that. This is actually going on Like in Tropico 2, when you sent your Pirate ships to the Caribbean. Oh, yes, a Campaign is missing in Its Entirety, which I didn't really miss. I haven't looked at the Multiplayer yet and I can't allow myself to judge it. What still bothers me: The rigid specification of the always the same parking Spaces, which you can build in your City, has become very loveless. You can also no longer place individual Trees or other Things. That's just missing! The Regulations, some have returned from Part 4, are sometimes neglected. I've never felt that these really move decisively what in the Game. (As was the case with Part 4, the Social Security Regulation, which has allowed Pensioners and Students to Live in real Homes) Tropico 6 is not a bad Game if you think of it as a single Game and completely hide the Predecessors. But since this is hardly possible in a Series, I am still struggling with a Buy recommendation at the moment. Especially since I suspect that a Flood of DLC will now come back to the Community.