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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed review
by JediMrdko

Played this many years ago on a PSP and absolutely loved it. Now I got it on my computer and was looking forward to an awesome game. Instead I got horrible bugs, I spent about five hours on that stardestroyer fight before restarting the game and finishing on the first try. The game is totally unplayable when using a keyboard and a mouse. After finishing this s*** I’ll probably sign up for anger managment classes since this game drove me freaking insane.

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Microsoft from Norsk
You can't navigate the menus unless you have a bracket [ key most mac computers don't have this key, at least not a native one. Holding Alt and pressing the 8 or 9 key does absolutely nothing. You can't change the menu key bindings and you cannot use a mouse in the menus. you can't change graphics settings beyond resolution and if you want basic or advanced graphics no tweaking of anti-asliasing, shadows, textures etc The game itself is okay even though you can't upgrade your character since the [ key doesn't work. It's pretty repetetive and half the game is going through the same old levels with some new enemies. Gameplay gets 6/10 but because of the horrible menus and lack of settings this gets 4/10 from me.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
The game is really fun and the story is good too, even if it gets a bit choppy here and there. I think the graphics are good; the typical Star Wars Fealing gets on well. What I think is a pity, unfortunately, is the implementation: The game is obviously made for the XBox, which is clearly noticed on the controller. When you have to lift and move certain objects with power, mouse control proves to be a disaster. For some opponents (especially bosses) the last hit, before it dies, is done by pressing certain keys as soon as they appear on the screen. Bld only if you are clicking wildly the whole time and then suddenly the request comes to press "U". Personally, I find that a little annoying. Also, I find the game a little entertaining; I had it through in less than 10 hours, although I played it for the first time and almost always fell into the abyss when I had to jump over somewhere. The story really has potential; You could still do a lot In hindsight, I might not have paid the 15 for it, since I can not imagine that I'll play the game again.
This is my favorite Star wars game that I played on PS2 and later when I build it my own PC finished also...
«Beaten more than once»
One of the games that were not-that-good on ps and xbox but really great for psp users.