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Stories Untold review
by Rahul

The story gets frustrating if you don't enter the right words. The balck mirror esque theme is good. But the game has some sequences that run so bad on my laptop that   the options that are to be clicked are not registered and i had to repeat the same set of moves for over 30 mins as there is no save option . The frustration got to me ultimately. Overall the game is okay. The first two parts were good.

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The story is pretty good, but short. At its best the game is interesting, but the text adventure parts at beginning and end of the game are frustrating. Sometimes you know what you want to do, but game just does not work how you want it to work. The worst case was that "Look at coats" was not a correct command, but "look at the coats" worked... The other, non-text adventure parts are more clear and require some logical thinking and problem solving.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Sun. Now I have also managed the Game and will report my Experiences. ---As a long-time PC player, text adventures are no stranger to Controversy. But it's been quite a while since I last Had something like this in Mind. And first I had to get used to the fact that the (virtual) PC is waiting for Me to enter. But on which? ---So I intuitively wandered through the imaginary Environment and got on quite well, because not 100% value is placed On a correct Syntax. "go to location" is accepted in exactly the same way as the short "go location." And if in Doubt, a quick "look around" helps to get an Overview again. So you read into the Story intensively and "interact" in the Game world and at some point realize that the real (virtual) world also seems to be influenced by it ...---.... And at this Point I'm not going to reveal anything in terms of content, because the Game works best if you don't know what's coming your way and, above all, the "Huh?" Factor as far as the other Episodes are concerned is an essential Element that carries the Atmosphere and triggers the "Aha" Effect at the End. ---The other Epsiodes are released in Turn and they differ in the Way they play. It is less to solve here with Intuition and more by increased Attention, some Interpretation and a Bit of Logic. What everything is supposed to do and how it all connects clears up the final Episode. Here you are more trying again until you have hammered through. I couldn't make out a qualitative Waste between episodes, but that's a Matter of Taste. Each one is just a Tick different And that's a good thing. ---Technique: The Game is visually purist, plays in a highly restricted Environment and relies fully on Mood. This is mainly generated with the Soundscape. In keeping with the respective Theme of the Episode, there are the corresponding background and Ambient sounds. The Highlight here, though, is the Soundtrack. This uneasy Feeling, which hangs over the Game like a dark Cloud and emanates in large Part from the Music, immediately reminded me of a David Lynch film. ---Review: The Game is not ultra-difficult now. The Time-eaters are actually just False Tickets here, because you either didn't read exactly enough or just used wrong Commands and maybe have to guess something. The Game is in English and since it is text-based and requires Hearing here and there, you should be a saddle-proof one here. However, High school English should be enough and anyone who can understand "in Context" is already getting a long way. But it's certainly a Hurdle that also makes the Game more exhausting than a German Version would. The Story itself is a great story and then conclusive with Episode 4. The final Resolution is built up slowly and piecemeal, which in the End no longer creates a surprising Bang Effect. The overall Picture gradually emerges. For me, actually not a real point Of Criticism, as the Story is super told. However, the Replay value is a bit mau, because if you know the Process, it is always the same. A few vrstuck Steam achievements may still be a small Incentive, but it already was. ---Conclusion: A small, short and entertaining Game, which the English is likely to have powerful Players through in a maximum Of 4 Hours and which in the End yields a round story and impresses with a fantastic Atmosphere. It joins the List of "Exceptional Games," among which I recently count "Tha Vanishing of Ethan Carter," without jeodch copying the Concept, but building up a Mechanics all my own. If you like atmospheric Midn ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥, you will find it here, provided that you have the Prerequisites. The Price goes fine and within the Scope of a Special Offer anyway.