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Fight Crab review
by Chris

Fight Crab, the latest title by Nussoft, will definitively be the hidden gem of 2020. However, it has the potential to become the next great competitive game, on the level of other titles such as League of Legends and C.O.D.

The game embraces the unconventional, the bizarre, and the imaginative—pitting you against other fellow crustaceans in epic battles. Think Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier, but Ali is a coconut crab and Frazier is a mud crab. Now give Ali two nunchucks and Frazier a broadsword, and you have Fight Crab.

Fight Crab demands creativity. Fight Crab demands experimentation. It's up to the player to determine their playstyle—the game merely gives you the tools and the platform. 

That being said, Fight Crab serves as a lesson in Darwinism—survival of the fittest. Only those with the capacity to rise above, become more skilled, discover new tactics and master them, will succeed in the race of crustacean evolution. Fight Crab is evolutionary theory in motion, being tested in ways mankind has never been able to observe before. Who is to say that Fight Crab is even a game? What if Fight Crab is something much more complex? What if Fight Crab is purely scientific? What knowledge would mankind gain from Fight Crab? The key to our survival? The next step in our own evolution? 

There has not been a single living species on Earth that has risen to pure consciousness except we human beings. We possess the intellect, emotions, and memories that separate us from beast. According to evolutionary theory, our ancestors slowly (but surely) outgrew themselves, learning how to use basic tools for hunting purposes. That was the beginning of our evolutionary journey. However, our primitive ancestors did not know what would come of their doing so—they had absolutely no idea what they were really doing, or why. They simply saw a rock one day, picked it up, threw it, perhaps hurt one of their own, and then the very first idea was born—a genesis of our own.

Now, what if a fully conscious, cognizant, thinking species such as ourselves were able to fully understand evolution? We would become unstoppable. Nothing would deter the survival of mankind: pestilence, drought, the inevitable supernova explosion of our star. Nothing. We would outgrow our own dimensional perspective and rise beyond the small confines of our own minds. Time and space would bend at our will. We would become divine beings.

All this, coming from a singular source. An examination of sorts—a 'game'—that led to the supernatural end of our evolutionary line: 

Fight Crab.
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