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Rise of the Tomb Raider review
by tmello

Maybe I just didn't get it, but Rise of the Tomb Raider felt very unpolished and like it wasn't prepared for people to play it. During the main story, you actually only go in two or three tombs. There are extra tombs to explore, but I didn't feel like I had to in order to get better or get cool items. The main story tombs maybe make up two hours of playtime with most of the time in this half-baked open world with enemies that are more closely related to potatoes than human players. Despite its efforts to create a half-stealth experience, nothing felt more effective than just running in with an AK-47 to mow down some horribly trained soldiers. Maybe I should've cranked the difficulty, but my run of Rise of the Tomb Raider wasn't great at all and left me with an awful taste in my mouth. Graphics good though.

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You must have time to spend 20 or 30 hours to platinum the game, but it is worth it.
«Can’t stop playing»
A great game that's bogged down by the trappings of modern open world games, cheesy storylines and microtransactions. A product of it's time?
My least favorite of the trilogy, but still a great game.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
My first Tomb Raider game after so long. Impressive gameplay, graphics and effects. The game balance skills and perks really well. Though the story is quite limited in this time and age. Anyways, I'll recommend to adventure lovers.
«Sit back and relax»
This was the first Tomb Raider game I've played, and I enjoyed it! Really great gameplay moments, using different kinds of arrows, and the stealth made the experience really good. I didn't much care about replaying certain areas, collecting lore or doing the Expeditions, but I still enjoyed it! I very much plan to continue playing Tomb Raider, since it has now become one of my favorite game franchises!
«Sit back and relax»
See my review for shadow. This game is pretty much the same but I liked some of the unique sections more in shadow. I think this series looks very good but is just average. Also, I did like no tombs when I was playing, maybe I just missed them but I didn’t think the game did a good job of directing you how to explore.

Final Score: B+
Adventure with Lara Croft
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
-Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20th Years Anniversary Edition-Even though Lara Croft'S Breasts haven't grown since, so did her Ego. We are in The footsteps of her father (Classic Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider Cliché) at Lara's first, own and volunteer Expediton. In Search of the Source of Immortality, she chases the Secrets of a Prophet behind and runs a Race against time, since, to cover all Tomb Raider clichés, a mysterious Organization called Trinity itself Hunts this art fact into the Hands of this Art fact. Want to get. Yes, why do I mention Tomb Raider Clichés so often? Well, RotTR can be played as an experimental but extremely successful Crossover of the Tomb Raider 2013 reboot and many previous ones, especially the Legends series, Tomb Raider Games! I had ENDLICH Back There feeling Tomb Raiding To operate without constant defensive shooter deposits:D Maybe I'm slightly negative towards this Game, but NO, this Game is ' the absolute Hammer! I had more Fun with this Game than intermittently another Tomb Raider Part. Already mentioned Above, RotTR uses a classic Lara Croft Story this Time and sends us into the Depths of the Siberian Wilderness. While the Main Mission gameplay technically is more based on the 2013 level, there are optional Tombs to explore, which can be explored in the classic grave robber style and whose Puzzles can be solved. It's Worth it, as you can get loads of new Gear to make it easier to Play. Although the Puzzles and Gameplay are relatively simple. Say, Main Game: Run, climb, shoot and solve a few Puzzles if necessary. The Level of difficulty is adjustable, the Game was right in the middle (!) on "Experienced Robber" but still quite light. BUT there is once again a Lot to Collect in RotTR's Open-World, Such as super detailed Relics to View, documents with interesting Content that complements the Main Story, Murals for Translation, Challenges and even Missions of various Kinds. In need of Getting used to it, the Keyboard control could be at the beginning, which was slightly modified to The 2013 part (similar to the modification of the Control of Tomb Raider Legend (2006) to Underworld (2008)), which nevertheless proves acceptable. To the Graphic there is ÜBERHAUPT nix to complain about because the is ' delicious! At the cutting Edge of the world ... And Lara's Hair < 3 However, one Criticism is my Side: The unconstant Frame rate. According to the Developer, at least with the Geforce 970 should be able To play at a high Level of Detail, which was not really the Case with mine. In order to obtain a reasonably constant FPS number, I had to partially scale down the Graph by a considerable amount than the Settings suggested to me. Still, Performance still weakens in larger Areas and especially in the Cutscenes. By the way, which were extremely elaborate and mega beautifully implemented. The Cutscenes against! So much for the Main Game, now to the DLC's:-Blood Gang-HOLY SHIAT!! I was animally pleased when I learned that you were implementing a Croft Manor again! Blood Ties are mainly about saving the Crofts estate, which is redesigned but oriented on the 2nd Manor (Tomb Raider Legend, Anniversary and Underworld), Before Lara's Uncle's Plans. So we now have to collect Relics and Documents spread across the Manor and use them from their information for puzzle Solution. Personally, I think this Game principle Is extremely good, and I would like to see such combination tasks in the main Game in the Future. Meanwhile, we take the Property apart, we also learn a lot about Lara's Past and the Life of the Crofts. And every now and then there is a Lot of Nostalgia in this DLC ... > > more may still come with the Baba Yaga DLC, etc:D