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Risk of Rain 2 review
by tmello

This game was one of the biggest surprises for me this year in such a great way. Originally, I was turned off by the low poly, low texture vibe that this game goes for, but it's obvious that's what needs to happen to make this game make any sense at all. The idea of a Rogue-like third-person shooter is genius and it works so well. The game does have to chug a lot at some points, but it doesn't inhibit the addictive nature of this game. Co-op with friends is a blast and the different heroes makes the game feel varied. Music bops and getting a good set of drops feels incredibly satisfying. At the time of this review, the game is only in early access, but I can not wait to see the final product!!

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Risk of Rain 2 stands out as onе of thе finеst roguеlikе еxpеriеncеs I'vе еncountеrеd. Thе gamе's brilliancе liеs in its plеthora of options, offеring a divеrsе rangе of charactеrs, itеms, and challеngеs with еach playthrough. Thе fast-pacеd movеmеnt kееps thе adrеnalinе pumping, making еvеry run fееl dynamic and unprеdictablе. A standout fеaturе is how thе gamе visually incorporatеs thе itеms you collеct, adorning your charactеr with thе powеr-ups you'vе chosеn. This uniquе touch, combinеd with thе gamе's ovеrall dеpth and rеplayability, cеmеnts Risk of Rain 2 as a must-play for fans of thе gеnrе.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
This is my favorite rogue-lite of all time. It is the only game that I can think of that maintains its challenge whilst also becoming a god of absolute destruction. The excellent soundtrack also helps to egg you on during runs. All of the characters feel distinct and offer different gameplay experiences. Also, Risk of Rain 2 has a very robust modding scene which helps when things start to get stale.
«Just one more turn»
«Beaten more than once»
Wow what a nice glow up for the sequel. Very impressive to jump from a simple 2D game to a full on 3D game that actually feels quite good.

Damn I’ve had some good runs end tragically quick. I find it hard to tell sometimes when I’m getting damaged with all the chaos going on.  Fun game though. I’ll definitely keep playing till I beat it once, probably with a few different characters. 

Damnit! Again I had a great run that ended in an instant. I’m enjoying risk of rain 2. It’s good not great. My favourite roguelites have some player choice in how to make your build. This one doesn’t have that. It’s just random. It’s still fun and I’m determined to win it at least with one character, hopefully more but we will see.

I beat what I thought was the final stage with what I thought was an unreal build. A ton of damage reduction. A good amount of turrets and beetles. A good number of items in general and the fucking giant gold guy who helps during teleporter battles. Then after beating the stage I realize there is another stage and I died on the way to the boss. So tragic. I was upset. I considered calling it quits. Fuck me that was a painfully close hour long run. One thing I’ll say about risk of rain 2 is that I always need a break after a long run. I feel defeated. I think I need to try going through the stages faster. In the first one I didn’t really care about time because by the end of the game I was always at the max difficulty anyways so my strategy was get as many items as possible and level up as much as possible. I think that theory might be wrong for this one. I think I need to try to get through the stages as fast as possible and just get as many items as I can on the way. 

Okay speed running might be a better way to beat the game. It’s definitely more fun as it spreads the challenge out rather than being easy at first then near impossible in the end. And it’s less painful when you fail. I made it further than ever on my last run. I made it to the actual final boss and I took his health out the first time then died during his second wave. Idk how many waves he has but I am close to getting a win. 

I consider myself a great gamer. Shooters, souls games, roguelites, RPGs, I’m great at all of them. But fuck this game is kicking my ass. Im doing something I never do. Like I can’t ever think of a time I’ve done this before. But I’m turning down the difficulty to drizzle (easy).

Beat it my first drizzle run. I think the jump from easy to normal is too large.

I don’t like how large the difficultly jumps for the final stage. I can be cruising through the first 5 but then the 6th is too big a jump. That’s another complaint about the difficulty.

Beat it again with the commander dude on easy. I’m done. It was fine. A very impressive sequel in terms of increased scope, but not quite as good as I had hoped. I played 12 hours and it was feeling repetitive for like half that time I just really wanted to get a win. There are lots of items and characters I haven’t unlocked yet so there’s lots more content. But every run is very similar because you don’t really get to decide how to create your build. It’s mostly random, and it doesn’t really change that much how you play. You end up with a shit ton of items that do passives but you don’t think about how they will play a factor. I’m still just shooting and playing the same way with a few minor exceptions like equipment and additional jumps. It ends a high B.

Final Score: B
fine alone, great with friends
«Beaten more than once»
i love games that are hard and fun at the same time and this is one of those
«Blew my mind»
Some nice PVE to chill with a friend to. The items and builds mostly feel like luck. I never have any idea what I am doing in this game. Wish it had a clearer progression path and explanation so I could really sink my teeth in. 
«Just one more turn»
«OST on repeat»
i wasn't the biggest fan of the first game as the rouge-lite action genre really isn't my cup of tea
i don't have a specific reason, it's not a bad genre and i've gotten into rogue-lites before
but this one more than does it for me

i can only really play it with friends but when i do it's always a blast, it's basically the first game but as a 3rd person shooter and if that sounds good then give it a whirl
Loader is my favorite, she's got a fucking grappling hook
«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit back and relax»
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Early access review not having to play risk of rain 1, risk of rain 2 is an absolute killing. To make it simple: it is a looter science fiction shooter extremely enjoyable and satisfying from the first moments. One kills enemies in turn of arms without counting, it is played very well in solo and especially in co-op, a minimalist graphic that serves the very principle of the game (i.e. to smash mobs to the shovel without letting go of its left click), a progression and a constant difficulty , endless, almost infinite replayability for character release and a lively, restful, energetic and atmospheric soundtrack. This game at all to be the game (independent) of the year 2019.
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Early access review I do not recommend to play this game if you are not patient and very ragy, aside from it, I loved the 1 of one of these forces, as soon as I saw the 2 arrived on steam, I could not help but buy it and worship it as I will once made for the 1, obviously its changed greatly from the first which was in 2 dimensions and that had an end, but! It's an early access! the end will arrive and that's for sure! I'm obviously looking forward to the official release giving us access to all the content of the game, I must confess that I rarely as much tryhard a game since its release, by the way I find it much harder than the first because the WISPs, which in the 1 were BL oked by the platforms because they were not flying have now become to my liking the worst monsters of the game, or in any case its getting closer. Sorry for the cobblestone Caesar, but I had to express my affection for this amazing game created by genius developers.
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Early access review Ouftiiiiiii I had completely zapped that Hopoo games concocted a suite of risk of rain that was already a nuggo at the time in the first opus! This very good rogue like goes from 2D to 3D, and I must say that it is rather successful =) immersion, exploration and a well-noted difficulty is at the rendezvous, the design LVL is very neat and the number of loot generous, I recall that in this rogue like one can cumulate er the same relics, so possibility to become completely smoked at a certain level, now it is still necessary to know how to survive because the more time passes in game and the more the cursor of difficulty increases:D Moreover I would add that the multi has clearly been improved compared to the 1 or you had to open ports and hack a few tricks on his IP to be able to play with his friends.. From now on there is the possibility to play online with strangers, or with his buddies via steam! The continuation of the development but it promises to be very heavy this risk of rain 2 < 3